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If your business banners could speak, that is likely what you would want them to say. The reason for even having banners for businesses is to have them stand out and engage your target audience.

Are you looking for ways to make your banners meet their full potential? This guide will go through social media banner sizes, design, and more to help you do so.

Social Media Banner Sizes

Your social media banner sizes are important to create a professional look. Each social media platform will have different site specifications, so making banners that do not fit these details will result in a less-than-awesome appearance. You may find that your page will not show the entire image, or may even cut off some of the text on your banner.

Knowing the specifications of a social media platform is also essential before designing a banner because you would want it to have the right resolution. You wouldn’t want all your hard work to appear blurry to your audience – this will turn people off immediately!

To know what size to make your branded banners, you will have to know which social media platforms you will use. At the same time, you can design the banner in different sizes that you think may be applicable. You would also want to consider the different specifications for people accessing social media through their phones.

If you find it difficult to start from scratch with your banner, you can always use a pre-existing banner template.

Social Media Banner Design

An attractive design is key to having a successful social media banner. You will have to make something visually appealing and colorful. If you can imagine your target audience stopping and staring at the banner for a few moments, then you would know the marketing strategy is effective.

Make sure to have a relevant image or design that gives clues of what your company offers. It may be beneficial to create your own visual pieces instead of getting stock photos. An alternative is to use a banner template and personalize it.

Another thing to consider is the placement of the text. You want it to be big enough to catch the audience’s eye, but not too big that the banner looks boring and wordy. Choose a font that fits your brand personality, and use a concise catchphrase.

How To Create Great Social Media Banners

A social media banner can be a great way to attract your target audience. In order to do this well, you would need the appropriate social media banner sizes for different social media platforms. Make sure you know which platforms you will use before designing so that you can ensure your banner suits the site.

Another thing to consider is the importance of design. You would want to make something visually appealing yet relevant to your business practices.

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