Likes on Instagram have always been important for several reasons. Besides being an engagement signal for Instagram’s Algorithm, likes are one of the best metrics for measuring your content’s performance on the platform.

You can, in fact, use your like count to tell when your Instagram marketing strategy is working or when it needs to be reevaluated. Unfortunately, most users struggle to get Instagram likes despite their efforts. The Instagram algorithm can be challenging to keep up with.

Even minor changes can impact the number of likes you get on your posts and affect your visibility. So, if you’ve been wondering, ‘Why am I not getting likes on Instagram?’ You’re not alone! Here are some of the reasons this might be happening and practical solutions to fix the problems.

9 Common Reasons For Not Getting Likes On Your Instagram Post

If you’ve been witnessing a decline in your Instagram likes, here are some common reasons as well as solutions that can help you solve this issue.


If your posts aren’t appearing on the Explore page, there’s a possibility that they might be Shadowbanned. Shadowbanning on Instagram mostly happens when you use banned hashtags or violate the community guidelines.

The Algorithm restricts the visibility of your content, making it visible only to people who follow you. Anyone who’s not in your follower list can’t see your posts. But unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t notify you when you are Shadowbanned.

So, if you think this might be the reason you are not reaching a large audience and getting likes, here’s what you need to do. Follow community standards and ensure content compliance with Instagram’s guidelines to regain broader visibility and engagement.

Poor Quality Content

Poor Quality ContentPosting poor-quality content is another reason most Instagram users struggle to get likes on their posts. Instagram is a highly visual platform. So, if you post blurry photos or irrelevant content that lacks creativity, people will just scroll by without liking.

Also, if the Algorithm detects that the quality of your content is poor, it only shows your post to fewer people. Hence, that is the reason why you can’t seem to get enough likes. However, you can upgrade your content game by posting high-quality images and videos.

Only share clear and well-lit shots that have a high resolution. Get creative! Let your posts tell a story and evoke your viewer’s emotions. Also, take time to understand your audience so that you can tailor your content to what they love.

Lack Of Engagement With Followers

Another common mistake most Instagram users make, especially those with big accounts, is ignoring comments and not responding to direct messages. Unfortunately, this discourages followers from further interacting with your posts and your engagement rate declines.

If that’s what you’ve been doing, change things up and start being more involved with your followers. Show appreciation by commenting on your follower’s posts, replying to their comments, and sharing reposts when tagged.

The purchase of Instagram likes and comments from Media Mister will be a faster and easier solution. They deliver budget-friendly likes from real users. This means they are just as effective as organic likes. They will increase your engagement and give your account the credibility it needs to attract more organic users to engage with your content.

Ineffective Use Of Hashtags

Your choice of Instagram ineffectual hashtags could be another reason why you aren’t getting likes on Instagram. For instance, if you keep using irrelevant and overused hashtags like #instadaily. Or if you are spamming your posts with too many hashtags.

That’s because it makes it hard for the Algorithm to categorize your content and show it to the right audience. If you’ve been making these mistakes, try and think about what your audience might be searching for. That will help you focus on niche-specific tags and make your posts discoverable to the right people.

Inconsistent Publishing

Inconsistent PublishingInconsistency in your posting schedule can dim your spotlight on Instagram. It gives your audience the impression that you are not committed to offering value to your followers. Also, since you will appear fewer times on your follower’s feeds, you become less memorable.

But you can improve your content game and build a better presence on Instagram by creating a content calendar. That will help you plan your posts in advance and stick to a regular posting schedule.

Also, based on when your audience is active, you will discover the best time to post for maximum engagement.

Instagram’s Algorithm Changes

Instagram’s Algorithm is a key determinant of your content visibility on the platform. It influences what users see based on engagement, relevance, and timing. That means if your posts are not getting the attention you want, yet all other factors are okay, there could be a major change in the Algorithm.

So, always make sure you stay informed of Instagram Algorithm changes and be flexible. Lately, the Algorithm has been prioritizing meaningful interactions, like comments and shares. Also, use Stories, Reels, and IGTV – the Algorithm loves variety.

Boring Captions

People check your captions to get a rough idea of what to expect from your post. That means no matter how good your actual content is, it won’t matter if the caption immediately makes them lose interest.

But that doesn’t always have to be the case. You can use your captions to add compelling stories, ask intriguing questions, or evoke genuine reactions from your audience. That will, in turn, entice them to engage with you and like your post.

Not Using New IG Features

Instagram is constantly updating its platform to improve the user experience and stay ahead of other social media competitors. You can benefit from using features such as IGTV, stories, reels, and live videos, as they can increase your exposure and help you get more likes.

It’s essential to keep up with Instagram’s new features to avoid negatively impacting your engagement. Always stay updated on the latest features and think of ways to use them to reach your target audience.

Lack Of Promotion

Another reason why you are probably not getting as many likes as you should be is that you are not cross-promoting your content. Without promotion on other platforms, your content will remain unseen by potential followers, limiting the likes you receive and your overall reach.

To boost your Instagram page’s visibility, share Glimpse and teasers of your content on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. That will entice your audience to want to see more of your content on Instagram and increase your chances of getting more likes.


As you’ve seen from this article, if you are not getting likes on Instagram, there could be one or multiple underlying issues. Luckily, there’s a solution to every problem; you just have to first identify which one is holding you back. So, start analyzing your Instagram strategy today and try out some of the solutions we’ve shared in this article.

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