Let’s cut to the chase; moving to a new house is about having mixed feelings. It is a combo of exhilaration to move to a new place and the pressure to pack and make the final move. There is so much to think and prepare for, like loads of stuff to pack and countless arrangements to make before you are finally there.

You might not get your hands on a magic spell to apparate with all your stuff in the blink of an eye like in the Harry Potter series. But there are indeed some ways to make this process less stressful and ensure that you have a relatively fuss-free switch. So, if you have decided to move to your new house, here is what you can do to make this process smooth.

Rent Out A Storage Facility

Moving is already overwhelming. At one end, you have the excitement of going to a new place; on the other, there is a sadness to part away with your old familiar dwelling. Packing your entire belongings all at once and making arrangements is a strenuous process. You can rent a storage space and keep things that you don’t need immediately.

Ensure that the storage facility is near your new location so you can easily access it when needed. The stress-free way to find a storage facility near your house is by searching online according to your area. You can start with the location followed by the word “storage facility,” for instance, bonds ranch storage facilities or interchange the placement. Either way, you will get plenty of options in your search field according to your location, even within a smaller radius. This will eliminate some pressure of unpacking and arranging unnecessary stuff when you are already tired.

Declutter Your House

Would you want to pack and tow all the stuff to your new house, which is of no use to you? We highly doubt that. When living at a place for quite some time, you must be pilling some redundant stuff in the corner of your house that you could never get rid of.

This is what decluttering your house is. It is often said that one’s junk can be a treasure for someone else. One way to get rid of this stuff is by organizing an evening yard sale. Many people might be interested in buying what you have at affordable rates. You can make combos and deals to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff you have. Finally, you are left with only useful and valuable things for a fresh start in your new house.

Contact A Mover As Early As Possible

If you intend to hire a specialized moving company to move your belongings, contact them during your planning phase and schedule the service for the day you plan to move. When finding the right moving company, make sure to engage in thorough research.

Some of the questions you want to ask might include what they charge and how they do it? Do they help in disassembling furniture too? What kind of vehicles do they use, and how long will they take to complete the move? And most importantly, what is their strategy to make a safe and damage-free transfer of your belongings. Some moving companies also have packages that include packing; you might want to consider a combo.

Get In Touch With Your Utility Company

How would you feel when you discover that you have to wait for water, gas or electricity until these physical utilities can be accessed at your new house? To evade the chance of getting in such a situation, make sure to contact the utility company in your locality a week before your move as they are usually prompt in activation at your new address. However, your new location may be off-limits for the current utility company and you might need to get in touch with the one near your new house. Either way, get in touch with them as soon as possible for a hassle-free switch to your new place. If you don’t do it early on, the chances are that you might forget it since you will have a lot on your mind, especially during the packing and moving phase.

Organize Your Stuff

Packing can give you nightmares; the thought of opening up all your drawers and closets and packing your stuff into boxes is more stressful than anything else. Yet with proper planning and cutting the right corners, you can make it less dreadful. Here are some tips for better packing.

Pack the stuff in the storage boxes and name them according to the area of deployment or the stuff inside it, for instance: ‘Kitchen or sports equipment’ and you may make a list of contents as well. Once you arrive at your new destination, you can push them to the respective rooms.

When packing, your kitchen should be the last place to pack as you might need one thing or the other, for instance a kettle or pot for making tea or coffee till the last moment. Empty your fridge before moving and let it dry before you seal its doors, as moisture can be harmful to the refrigerator.

Color code your boxes according to the floor if your new house has more than one floor. This way you can place the packed boxes at the right location shortly after unloading them.

Make a folder of all your crucial documents and seal the folder lest you lose any necessary papers. It is often possible that you may lose some documents in the moving process due to the hustle and bustle of packing, loading and unloading the boxes. Therefore, take pictures of all the crucial papers as a contingency plan.

If some of the boxes contain fragile items, make sure to label them as such. Use a permanent marker for labeling and try writing in big letters for better visibility.


Whether this move is due to a career change or because you just bought a new house, a combination of stress and excitement is what entails shifting to a new place. Whether it is your first time making a move or you have gone through it before, in retrospect, there is a lot you might want to do differently.

You might want to be more organized, search for an efficient mover, or rent a storage unit to stack away some stuff that is not needed immediately. In any case, moving is a stressful exercise, but improper planning and hasty packing at final moments can make it even worse. Following some time-tested and redundant tips as mentioned above can help in a hassle-free switch.

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