Social media status is a great parameter nowadays to govern the popularity of an individual. It is so because it makes you accessible to the person sitting a thousand miles away just with a click of a button. Another important aspect of showcasing your talent in using Facebook is Facebook likes. Likes can help you gain popularity in unexpected ways. A few of them are listed here:

Likes Portray You As An Influencer

A profile with a large number of likes will portray a strong character of yours. It can help you to make you listen to others. By using privilege you can create awareness about social issues. Addressing such issues will positively impact people and they will start respecting you too rather than just loving you.

Facebook Will Boost Followers On Other Platforms Too

Likes from your Facebook account does not remain limited to Facebook only. People who like your content on Facebook try to explore what another platform you are active on. For instance, consider you have a massive number of likes on Facebook profile. Same people will also like your content on other social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Likes Can Make You Acquire Popularity In The Business

One of the prime requirements in running an online business is people following. Owning a business page becomes easy if you already have an army of people following you. It will attract other people who are running a business page to you. You can help draw traffic on their page, In this way, you will acquire popularity among business sphere too.

People prefer profiles with more Facebook likes. It is a simple psychology-based fact that people attract people. Suppose a person sees a profile with a large number of likes. He or she will get tempted to look at the profile. It will increase traffic on your Facebook page, making an increase in the number of your followers, which simply means having more popularity. You can purchase followers for more engagement. You can get the Media Mister service as they’re highly prominent. You may find Media Mister coupons when grabs their service.

Do’s & Dont’s In Increasing Likes

Be An Active User

It’s a simple technique to keep your frequency of posts high. Make sure not to make it too much that it becomes irritating neither too low that your audience feel ghosted.

Keep The Quality Of Your Posts High

It is important to make sure that your posts are sensible. Try to use better captions and hashtags. To make picture quality good employ a better camera and setup. Try to post photos of fancy dinners you have last night or exotic locations you visited last summer. Anything like this will work the point is to keep posting engaging content.

Be A Giver

Do what you expect from others. It may sound old school, but this technique works well. Make sure you like others’ posts too, comment on others’ content, and appreciate them. Tag them in your posts to make them feel special. It will make you notice in other eyes, and It will portray a positive image of you in the eyes of others.

Try To Use Available Resources

In order to bring more traffic which will result in more number of likes. Do this thing, try to post other channels link on your posts. It can be anything like news about ant global issue, motivational video, the latest song, etc. You can also present your view on some critical topics like global warming, pollution, female foeticide. It will show society how intellectual you are as a person.

Make Others Feel Good

Everyone needs a listener nowadays, so make sure you try to be the one. It is one of the prime tricks mentioned by less Giblin in his book, the art of dealing with people, try to reply to as many messages as you can and listen to the issues as others.

Be A Keen Observer

It’s good to equip you with knowledge before starting the game and to step it up. But still, you can’t measure the depth of water without getting into it. So try to learn while you are performing. Keep on rectifying your mistakes and minimize them.

Another thing which you can do is learn from the masters of the game. There are many social media influencers getting millions of likes. Learn from them. Check how they portray their content, the way they talk to others, etc.

Buying Facebook Likes

It can be an option too for the initial thrust. There are several sellers available to make you buy Facebook page likes. All they charge is some decent amount of money for each like. It depends on the seller to seller—some charge more for the same service than others. So make sure to research properly before buying Facebook likes.

These likes are highly temporary, so don’t take them for granted. Just use them for an initial boost.


Facebook likes are a great way of acquiring popularity over the internet. Popularity gained by this is not limited to any domain. It can make you popular, even in different countries too. All you have to do is take actions that can increase your Facebook likes.

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