Becoming a student in college or university is a significant moment in a person’s life. It is a time of tremendous changes as it marks the beginning of independence and actual adulthood. However, this independence is reflected not only in the freedom of doing what you want and being what you like. It also comes with significant responsibilities. Now that you have become an independent adult, you need to learn how to take care of yourself, manage your time, catch up with deadlines, handle numerous assignments simultaneously, search for additional earnings, and save money for your own needs and desires.

Indeed, students have a myriad of needs and desires, rushing to try all they can while they are still young and are not overburdened with families, office duties, mortgages, health coverages, and other stressful issues associated with adult life. One of the things they want to catch up with (probably the most) is traveling the world. There is no better experience for any person than getting to know new places, people, and cultures firsthand. But traveling is not so cheap, and students, most of whom also have their tuition fees to pay, need to figure out where to get money for this pleasant undertaking. Well, we are here to offer several useful tips on how to save money for travel as a student.

Savings Account

The very first thing to do if you want to save some money and keep them safe is to open dedicated savings account for traveling. No matter how good you may be at planning your budget, you still cannot track all your spending since there are always unpredictable expenditures. A savings account is a wonderful decision that can help you to get the needed amount sooner and fulfill your dream. Put a certain sum into it each month and treat it as an obligatory routine like paying the bills. When you get used to this sunk cost in a couple of months, it will stop looking like a sacrifice. However, in the end, you may have a free holiday, without the need to pay for the trip from your pocket.


Getting a part-time job has several benefits apart from the additional earnings. Of course, it feels amazing to have your own money for your everyday needs instead of taking them from your parents. It brings sheer satisfaction with your achievements as an independent adult. This inner satisfaction, in its turn, increases the amounts of endorphin and dopamine – hormones of happiness – which are very essential for students amidst their stressful college life.

Having a part-time job develops valuable soft skills, including discipline, time management, a success mindset, and a range of other useful habits. It prepares you for your future serious job in many ways. Moreover, if you are lucky to secure a place in the business you plan to engage in after graduation, you also receive an additional experience that will be an invaluable addition to your resume.

Finally, a part-time job is a chance to put more money into your dedicated savings account for travel. You may choose to put all the salary or only a part of it, preserving something for your everyday needs. But in any case, the account will be filled up much sooner.

Students have myriads of options when it comes to part-time jobs. There are always a lot of opportunities on the campus: a library, a cafeteria, a gym, etc. You can be a tutor, a research proposal writer, or a freelance photographer or designer, for example (depending on your abilities and hobbies). Or you may try to secure a place as a courier or assistant in some local company. You can even teach English online by taking an online TEFL course. Whatever you do, you know what to do with your salary – we have already explained the benefits of a savings account.

Cut-Down Expenses

We know that student life is full of temptations, and you want to have it all. Indeed, you are independent now and free to do whatever you like! However, you have a dream to travel the world. So, some sacrifice will be quite pertinent if this dream is really big. Here are a few things you can save on:


Cooking at home is much cheaper than going out every night or buying lunch every day. Numerous discounts at supermarkets make it even more beneficial. If you get used to making your meals and taking packed lunch to college, you will see how much you save in about a week already. In addition, you may get so engaged that you’ll get a new hobby – cooking.


Starbucks is good. However, coffee on the go several times a day empties your pocket tremendously. Make coffee at home, just like meals. It is cheaper and will help you save more to your dedicated savings account.


What can be better than a night out with friends? While it is a perfect opportunity to socialize, relieve stress, and get distracted from the university assignments and other responsibilities, try not to overindulge. Fun every night and a hangover every morning is detrimental not only for your budget but also for your physical and mental health, and ultimately, for your academic performance. Besides, when out with friends, try to take less beer, or cocktails, or whatever you usually have. One glass instead of two adds up to your savings account.


This one is related to spending less on alcohol. Instead of visiting someone else’s parties, for which you need to bring some beer with you, invite your friends with beer to your place. All you need to do is prepare the house for the guests and clean the mess after they leave. In exchange, you save some for your journeyJ


The same is with romantic dates. A bottle of wine and a home-cooked dinner in a calm and cozy atmosphere is much cheaper than a date at a restaurant or even a movie. Lit candles, pleasant music, a rent video, and a soft couch will make your evening with someone special even better.

Walking (or Cycling)

No, the process of walking or cycling will not bring you additional money. However, it will help you to save a lot on transportation. Forget about tickets for public transport or expenses for gas, car insurance, and maintenance. Apart from saving you a lot for your trip, a habit of walking or cycling to the university and back also makes you much healthier.


By the way, walking or cycling can also help to save on one more thing. Instead of buying gym seasonal subscriptions, try getting more physically active outside these premises. Walk wherever you need, cycle, do some work out at home. There are loads of exercise routines that can be found on YouTube. This way, you can stay fit and put more money into your savings account, making your dream of traveling the world much closer.

Pocket Change

It may sound funny, but an old-school piggy bank can be a wonderful addition to your savings account. Put the spare change that weighs down your pockets into some jar or money box. You can get surprised how soon it will fill up and how much it can add up for your extra spending. It is also a sort of sunk cost that you stop noticing with time. But when it comes closer to the trip, it will be invaluable.

Start Saving For Your Travel Now!

There is no doubt that student life is full of challenges. Saving money for your special personal needs is just another challenge you have. But successful planning of this endeavor can be very rewarding and satisfying. You do not need to postpone your dream of getting exciting experiences and learning something new in this life. Start saving for your travel now and make your dream a reality!

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