If you are going through a divorce, your primary task is to make your kids suffer less. So taking them on holiday with fun and far from family troubles may be a great idea. You both will relax and switch off your focus for some time.

Still, if you want your journey to be smooth and bring you delight only, then you should study the local peculiarities and requirements of a divorced parent traveling with child out of country. Here are some of the main points for you to consider.

Refer To Your Custody Agreement

If you are taking child out of country with joint custody, the first thing you should refer to is your custodial agreement. Check out the following things:

  • Whether you have the right to travel with your kids on your own;
  • Whether you have the right to travel out of state and internationally;
  • What share of holidays you can spend with your children
  • How you should report to your ex about your plans and current movements when traveling.

These and other details are to be reviewed before you even look at the holidays options. So that your choice goes along with the local law and your co-parenting agreement. Otherwise, you won’t avoid troubles with your former spouse and legislature.

Cooperate With Your Ex

Even if you are done with an online divorce, it doesn’t mean you cannot cooperate with your former spouse to guarantee the best possible holidays for your children. Review the points to discuss with your ex before you book any trip:

  • Where and for how long you will travel;
  • Your transportation means;
  • Accommodation and meal plans;
  • Entertainment and activities;
  • Daily schedule;
  • Discipline rules;
  • Safety measures.

Realize that your ex can help you greatly with travel ideas and get you aware of children’s preferences. As a result, you will take a lifetime journey and relax with delight.

Prepare The Docs

Mind that it is essential to check what docs you may need for domestic or international travel with children. While in the first option, there aren’t many requirements, out-of-country traveling with children is strictly regulated, so you need to follow the rules and gather all necessary papers to avoid complications. Commonly, you should collect the following documents:

  • Passport: Both you and your children should have an international passport so that you can leave the country. You’d better apply for the passport in advance since it may take several weeks to get it if you or your kids don’t have it.
  • Child Travel Consent: If children are traveling with one parent only, no matter whether they are divorced or not, another parent should provide written consent of their kids’ travel plans accomplishing it with a copy of any document to prove the parent’s identity;
  • Proof Of Relationship: You should also have an official paper to prove that you are related to your children. It may be a birth certificate, a court order, or an adoption decree. Everything should be signed and sealed to prove the authenticity of the docs.

If you are traveling to a different country, it is necessary to explore the local laws and requirements as well. So that you have an idea of how to behave around your kids during your holidays and avoid problems with local authorities.

Plan Fun For Everyone

Being busy with preparation for traveling overseas with children, you may forget about the real aim – to get a qualitative rest with your kids. So, behind all the bureaucracy, don’t skip arranging fun for everyone.

Create a travel plan where you can spend some great time together with your children and apart if that is possible. If you have children of different ages, care to plan different entertainment programs for them so that everyone is excited about the travel. Be ready for compromise and listen up both to your ex and your kids to organize a great journey with ease.


If you are a divorced parent traveling with child out of country, prepare well to set on a journey with no troubles but satisfaction only. Refer to your custodial agreement, cooperate with your spouse, collect necessary documents, and plan your travel well to make your kids and yourself happy.

Mind that if you have troubles with any of the points, it is better to consult the relevant experts, including a family law attorney or travel advisor. This way, you will spend great vacations with your kids without any troubles or remorse.

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