Once upon a time, taking a trip in the car meant placing carefully folded maps in the glove compartment and other storage spaces. In a new area, how else could you find your way to your destination?

Now, thanks to modern technology, there’s GPS. At first, they were available as separate units. Now they are built into your car, and even better, available on your smartphone. Voiced turn-by-turn directions anywhere in the world. Never be lost again. No more need for maps, right? Not so fast.

No Signal

Let’s say you go out and buy a new Lexus for sale. It comes with a navigation system. You also have map apps on your phone. You’re all set. However, there are plenty of areas that do not have good cell reception and your GPS may be temporarily unavailable. This usually happens in the last places you want to be lost.

With a paper map, you’ve got a backup that doesn’t rely on high tech. An atlas of the area you are traveling in can bail you out and prevent some incredibly stressful situations.

Trip Planning

You can use a GPS app to plan a trip, but the screen generally shows only the immediate portion of the road. Zooming out makes the map very small and hard to read. An old-school paper map can be spread out on a table and you can plan out entire routes for hundreds of miles. It gives you a good sense of where you will be in relation to larger cities where you can find gas, food, and lodging.

Scenic Trips

GPS is great for finding the fastest route between two places or helping you avoid tolls, construction, or other obstacles. If you’re taking a drive to get a look at some new scenery, a paper map is the way to go. It will show you backroads and older highways that meander through forests, mountains, and quaint little towns. These can be fun places to explore and a map can help you find them.

You Don’t Have A GPS Device

Many people buy cars without navigation systems to save money. There are also people who don’t own smartphones for whatever reason. These folks rely on paper maps without access to high tech. There is also the possibility of leaving the house without your phone. It does happen and if you discover you don’t have it after you’ve gotten lost, things could get dicey. Keeping a map handy will give you Plan B.

Maps Complement GPS

If you have access to a GPS device, by all means, use it. They are incredibly helpful By utilizing GPS and maps, you will be ready for any situation. Like the Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared”.

Low Tech Is Still Useful

Without question, GPS is a great piece of technology and is generally the best way to get where you’re going. The paper map is not obsolete yet. There are situations where you will be very glad you have one tucked away in a pocket in your car.

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