The outdoor industry has seen the design of trail running shoes elevated by The North Face company. They have created high-tech footwear (Vectiv) line that performs well on all types of surface conditions. Suddenly, active outdoor enthusiasts are clamoring to own a pair as the shoes have become the hottest trail shoe on the market today.

The North Face CMO and VP of Product Creation Steve Lesnard oversaw the two-year project. His staff of engineers created the Vectiv shoe line, with hopes of reducing the physical impact of a trail’s uneven, rocky terrain on the human body. This is accomplished by the shoe’s carbon fiber materials that provide much-needed support for a runner’s feet and legs.

Steve Lesnard Sought Insight On Vectiv Shoe Design

Steve Lesnard sought insight on the shoe’s design from The North Face-sponsored trail runners. All agreed to use a prototype shoe in the 2019 UTMB race through the French Alps. Nearly half of them could not finish the race. Each runner conceded they were forced to quit due to muscle fatigue.

Their input helped put the final touches on the Vectiv shoe design that you see today. One of the additions included a soleplate that gives a trail runner more lateral movement in less-than-ideal conditions. This is very beneficial in conserving energy that will be needed to tackle more difficult terrain later on in the trail run.

The North Face Is Not New Name To The Outdoor Community

The North Face is a renowned outdoor equipment company. They received industry-wide accolades for innovative designs in their apparel (Retro Line, Futurelight, and Gucci collaboration) line. The company designed outerwear that was waterproof and provided more breathability to keep a person’s body dry all day long if necessary. Now, they turn their attention to revolutionizing a key component to an active outdoor lifestyle.

At times, we all need a new challenge in our lives. To the surprise of no one, The North Face decided to get into the trail running footwear industry. The popularity of trail running is growing as individuals are gaining challenging workouts by running on rough terrain. It was the perfect time for The North Face to introduce their brand to a new audience.

Designers Revolutionized With A Lightweight Design 

Typically, trail running shoes are heavier and thicker to protect the feet from less-than-ideal trail conditions. The North Face designers created the Vectiv shoe line that provides heel support and extra-padding in a lightweight design. This protects the foot from a potential injury when tackling your favorite outdoor trails. The North Face hopes their debut attempt brings innovation to the trail running footwear industry.

The early reviews for the Vectiv shoe line have been quite favorable as trail runners are quite surprised how the shoe’s lightweight design offers durability and strength. Plus, the outdoor trail shoe offers better traction and foot stability on rough terrain. The shoe’s outer materials are waterproof and provide better breathability that will keep a runner’s feet dry throughout their run. Finally, the Vectiv active trail shoes are comfortable enough to wear in everyday life.

Lesnard Has A Vision For Vectiv Technology

Steve Lesnard hopes the Vectiv technology will help the trail running community to evolve and expand their expectations on course runs. It should prevent the breakdown of the body due to pain and fatigue. The technology provides trail runners with a shorter recovery time between each workout. The shoe line is just the start of Steve Lesnard’s vision.

He has a long, distinguished history of creating top brand marketing campaigns in the ultra-competitive athletic industry. His passion began as a young child as Lesnard was a true sports fanatic. He grew into an outdoor enthusiast who relished the opportunity to participate in mountain biking, kite surfing, and snowboarding. Each sport offered Lesnard a challenge to test his bounds as an athlete.

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