Unlike several years ago, Cannabidiol has gained popularity. Initially, CBD was mostly used by humans, but its use has been extended to Pets. Veterinarians and pet owners are some of the main buyers of this cannabis product. This has further made the product to be readily available, especially in states which have legalized it. CBD is among the many active elements of the Sativa plant. It contains Tetrahydrocannabinol THC, an element that boasts psychoactive properties and makes the consumer high.

How Is CBD Administered To Pets?

CBD administration in pets is done using several methods. Here are some of them.

  1. Placing the recommended dose directly into your pet’s mouth. This is the easiest and best way to administer CBD. However, you must be good at aiming.
  2. Dilute CBD with water. This adds up as a good substitute method for placing the tinctures under the tongue.
  3. Give CBD to your pet as a treat. However, one must have a very strong bond with them. The treats can be in the form of biscuits or cookies, but they must have CBD contents in them.
  4. Mixing CBD with the pet’s food is also an effective way of administering CBD. Ensure the food is dry because wet foods might bring out the taste and smell of the CBD, causing the pet to withdraw.
  5. Add CBD to what your pet likes. This could be a recipe or a bite.

What Are The Things You Need To Know Before Giving CBD To Your Pets?

It is important to be in the proper know about CBD. Them being flooded in the market doesn’t mean that they don’t have risks. Let’s look at some of the things you should know about CBD.

1. The Source Of CBD In Pet Products

CBD can be produced from two sources. One is the cannabis Sativa plant, and the other is the hemp plant. The difference between the two is in the amount of THC they contain. The cannabis has high THC levels, which might harm your pets. On the other hand, hemp has low THC content and that makes it recommendable.

2. Purchase Point

CBD selling stores are everywhere, but one has to be careful not to buy something harmful to your pet. The CBD products should have a reasonable balance of THC. They should have different types of products.

3. You Need To Engage Your Vet Every Time You Are Using CBD On Pets

Engaging a veterinarian is important, especially if your pet is on other medications. CBD can react adversely with other drugs, and you don’t want your pet to suffer that. Giving CBD to pets might also make other drugs ineffective, and this can be more harmful. A vet will give you the best advice on this and also help administer the right dosage of CBD.

4. CBD Is Great For Anxious Pets

CBD works greatly for cats and dogs that have anxiety. Anxiety in pets can be caused by thunder, noise, or travels. When a pet takes CBD, it interacts with its Endocannabinoid system and soothes it, thus bringing anxiety down. The THC content is the one responsible for making your pet high and relaxed.

5. You Need To Monitor Your Pet

The fact that CBD has major health benefits doesn’t mean that you should not monitor your pet. Sometimes CBD can have different side effects that might get you confused. Some of these side effects are loose stool and dizziness. Monitoring your pet includes writing down the dosage you have given your pet and time. Monitoring helps you note changes and help where necessary.


The use of CBD is no longer a secret, and it is being used for different conditions. Some countries have legalized it, following its major benefits to human beings, not forgetting pets enjoy the same benefits.

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