A carnival is a fun and lively event that brings people together through rides, games, food, and entertainment. Planning a carnival requires attention to details like permits, scheduling, setup, activities, food, volunteers, and promotion. Follow these tips to create a memorable carnival event for your community.

Secure Permits & Venue

Before anything else, make sure you secure the proper permits for holding a large community event. Most cities require permits for events over a certain size that involve food, music, or rides. Apply for permits well in advance to ensure you can hold your carnival on your desired date and location.

Reserve an appropriate outdoor venue like a park, parking lot, or street. Make sure the space can accommodate all your planned activities, vendors, games, and expected attendees. Consider accessibility, parking, restrooms, electricity, and more when selecting your carnival grounds.

Plan The Schedule

Develop a minute-by-minute schedule for your carnival, including setup, activities, entertainment, takedown, and cleanup. Build your schedule around your venue’s availability and noise restrictions. Have activities and entertainment throughout the day to attract attendees and keep energy levels high.

Recruit Volunteers

You’ll need plenty of volunteers for setup, ticketing, running activities, cleanup, and more. Reach out to community groups, high school clubs, bands, and nonprofits to recruit enthusiastic volunteers. Make sure volunteers know their assignments and schedules ahead of time. Offer them incentives like free food, rides, T-shirts, or community service hours.

Line Up Carnival Games & Rides

Brainstorm fun carnival games like ring toss, balloon darts, and fishing pond games. See if you can find sponsors to donate prizes or offer discounted games and rides.

Renting carnival games like Frog Flinger and Hi Striker is a great way to add traditional fun to any event. Carnival game rental companies offer all kinds of games as well as drinks machines, snow cone makers, and more. Look for vendors that deliver, set up, and pick up the games. Rental prices vary by game type, rental duration, and number of units needed. Carefully review rental contracts to understand all fees and policies.

Renting games provides instant carnival classics without the cost of purchasing. Spread games, rides, and attractions throughout your venue.

Plan Food & Vendors

A carnival needs tasty festive treats like cotton candy, caramel apples, and ice cream. Reach out to food trucks and vendors to offer balanced meal options too. Consider a craft beer garden for adults. Allow local clubs, businesses, and artisans to rent booth space to promote themselves and raise funds.

Promote The Event

Get the word out about your carnival through social media, posters, local newspapers, radio ads, and neighborhood associations. Create flyers with a colorful carnival theme to grab attention. Promote the event early and offer online ticketing or discounts for advanced signups. Share event schedules, vendor details, and sponsor promotions to generate buzz.

With careful planning and attention to all the little details, you can host an exciting and successful carnival for your whole community to enjoy. The effort is well worth it when you see happy faces flooding through the gates ready for a day of carnival magic and memories.

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