Creative people are very lucky to be living in these times in which it is easier than ever to make money with crafts and artwork. There are a number of ways to sell your creations online and make a solid side income or even a full-time living. One of the best ways is to open an Etsy store and list your products there.

There are millions of people that are shopping every day. They are looking for crafts and artwork made by hand. There they can find personalized anniversary gifts, unique items to decorate their home with, and so much more. When you create a store you will have access to this market without having to drive any traffic to it. In this article, we will go over several ways that you can make a successful Etsy store.

1. Come Up With A Process

The key thing to remember is that your store on Etsy is simply the checkout and shopping cart part of the equation. It’s going to be up to you to fulfill the orders when they come in. you’ll need to have a process that is streamlined so that you can do it quickly.

Before your first order comes in make sure that you have your packaging ready so you can box things up safely and securely. Have all of the postage that you need and make sure that you can quickly find the exact product that was ordered.

Then have a courier picked out that can pick up and deliver the product quickly. Look for something local so that you can have your item on the truck the same day or the next day at the latest. If you are in Florida, then using a Florida delivery service is your best option, for instance.

2. Optimize Your Product Page

To make sure that you can get as many visitors as possible to your product, you have to understand how the whole system works. Think of the Etsy front page as a type of search engine. When users type in their search, you want your product to come up first.

This involves making sure that your store is optimized so that the algorithm understands that your product is going to be the best fit for the person searching. Be sure to use the right language on the product page that is relevant to the product and what it is used for. Be very descriptive but only use keywords that describe the product otherwise the algorithm will get confused.

3. Use Only Good Photos

Product photos need to grab somebody’s attention right away. Make them stop scrolling by taking detailed pictures that make it clear what the product is and how it can look for the buyer. Use natural colors and backgrounds that highlight the product instead of making it confusing to identify what’s what in the picture.

Have views from many different angles so every detail is clear as day.

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