Are you in the market for a new mattress? If yes, you have come home.

Proper mattress shopping is essential in ensuring good quality rest and a long-term asset that you might not have to replace for a very long time. Such a mattress would get you to reach deeper into your pockets. However, they are worth every dime since they are cost-effective and guarantee you a better sleeping experience.

Searching for a new mattress to replace your old one can be exhausting. From determining the best mattress size to gauging how much to spend, there are many factors that come into play before you settle on a particular option. Luckily, these few tips can help make your search for a replacement mattress less challenging.

Consider The Cost

The first factor you need to consider when buying a new mattress is the cost. Same as any other product in the market, the mattress cost varies from one seller to the other depending on several different factors. Regardless of how tiny the price difference is, purchasing your mattress from a cheaper store can save you a few extra coins that you can spend on other things.

One of the primary factors that determine the price of a mattress is the quality. A high-quality mattress would sell at a higher price than a lower quality one. With that in mind, it is always advisable to find a healthy balance between the price and quality before you pay for a mattress.

As we mentioned earlier, the mattress prices vary from one seller to another. So, make sure you shop around in the market to check if you can find better deals.

Consider Size

The other factor you need to consider when buying a mattress is the size. In most cases, the size of your bed would determine the size of mattress you will buy. If you have a king-sized bed, you will purchase a mattress that has the same size.

There are several different mattress sizes, including:

  • Full sized mattress
  • King-sized mattress
  • Twin-sized mattress

The names might vary in your country, but the sizes are all the same.

Apart from bed size, you need to consider your current sleeping situation when determining the right mattress size. Do you share a bed with someone? Are you happy with the size of your current mattress?

If you share a bed with someone, you need to get a size that gives both of you enough room. For individuals that aren’t happy with their current sleeping room, it might be time to upgrade to a larger mattress (or downsize to a smaller one if you feel your current bed is taking up too much space).

Consider Your Preferred Sleeping Position

Did you know that there are different mattresses for different sleeping positions?

Whether you are a stomach, back or side sleeper, there is a specially designed mattress to ensure maximum comfort while you sleep. With that in mind, it is important to know what type of sleeper you are before you head into the market.

There are slight differences in these mattresses that make them well-suited for each kind of sleeper. Therefore, understanding the kind of sleeper you are is essential in narrowing down your options, helping you choose a better mattress that can accommodate all your needs.

Consider Recommendations

The other factor you need to consider when buying a mattress is recommendations from friends, family or social media platforms. Asking for recommendations is the easiest way to find a suitable mattress for your needs since it narrows down your search to just a few easily comparable options.

When searching for recommendations, it is advisable to rely on individuals and sites you can trust. Some referrals, especially on social media platforms, are purely business-oriented. For that reason, there is a great chance their recommendations would guide you to a mattress that won’t live up to your expectations.

Consider The Type Of Mattress

The other factor you need to consider when purchasing a new mattress is the type. There are several different types of mattresses depending on the material used to manufacture them. Here are the most common types of mattresses in the market today:

  • Latex mattresses
  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses
  • Air mattresses

Each type of mattress is suited for different types of people with varying needs. So, it is important to consider what type of material suits your preferences before you settle on a particular one.


Shopping for a new mattress can be tough for most people since there are plenty of factors to consider. Luckily, your job can be a little less challenging if you follow these few guidelines the next time you shop for a mattress.  

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