Forgot the usual flowers and jewelry for your next anniversary. Personalized gifts are fun, quirky and show that you have put a lot of thought into the buying process.

1. Star Map

Stars maps are extremely popular, so much so that you will find plenty of companies offering them. Quite simply, these gifts feature a print of the night sky, showing the alignment of stars on a given date. That can be the day you met, the time of your first date or your wedding day. Charts are unique and feel special, as though the stars aligned just for you.

2. Crystal Photograph

Taking a photograph and putting it inside a crystal is a beautiful way to commemorate a special moment. Any image can be transformed into a 3D crystal photo and the effect is stunning. You can choose what shape of crystal you would like (square or heart, for example) and the resulting photograph makes a gorgeous ornament. The only difficulty associated with these gifts is choosing which photograph to use!

3. Personalized Lyric Print

Every couple has that one special song. Perhaps it was the song that played during your first dance. Perhaps it was playing when you met. Whatever the history, anniversaries are all about celebrating your relationship’s journey. Getting the lyrics printed on a personalized poster, along with a special message, shows that you remember and cherish the early days of the romance.

4. Customized Map

Similar to a personalized lyric print, these gifts are also about immortalizing memories. Rather than songs, they use locations. You will be able to choose one special area (perhaps where you first met or your first holiday) or several and have that printed as a decorative map with an accompanying message.

5. Anniversary Journal

Journals can be made at home as a labor of love or you can seek out a professional designer. Whatever option you choose, the process is much the same. A journal collects memories of the relationship by way of photographs, letters, postcards and more, and lays them out in chronological order to tell a love story. Remember to leave blank pages at the end so that you can fill in the rest of the journal together.

6. Memory Reel Viewer

Channel some serious retro vibes with an old fashioned reel viewer. You simply slide a negative into the viewer and then peer through the lens to see the image enlarged. This gift is quirky, but it has a sentimental heart. Choose photographs and cherished memories that you both love and then experience them as never before seen through the reel viewer.

7. Anniversary Yearbook

A little different from the anniversary journal mentioned earlier, the yearbook features newspapers cuttings and extracts from the year of your wedding. These gifts are a time portal to a different era and reading through the stories will convey you and your partner back to the early days of your union. Yearbooks are surprisingly evocative and it is always intriguing to take a romantic stroll down memory lane.

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