Are you preggers for the first time? Well, congratulations!

Being pregnant, especially with your first child, is a unique and hearty experience. Every woman goes through a different experience both physically and mentally when they are expecting. However, taking care of yourself is even more critical now that you are getting ready to give birth to a new life. It can be a roller coaster ride as everyone around you will be telling you what to eat, what to do, what not to do, and so on.

Regardless, the key is not to have a picture-perfect pregnancy but a healthy one. A healthy pregnancy will not only make the entire journey enjoyable, but will also accommodate a more straightforward childbirth process and faster postpartum recovery. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy experience during the next few weeks/months, keep reading!

Write A Birth Plan For First-Timers

First-time moms tend to be highly anxious about the entire process, including the delivery. One way to help you deal with anxiety and stress is to write up a birth plan. It can consist of a list of procedures you want to avoid, what you want to opt for, and how to get help in case of an unfortunate birth injury. You can write down what to do for possible complications during or after the birth or what kind of pain management you’d prefer. Writing a birth plan and educating yourself will help you feel more prepared and relaxed during the time.  You can also include exercise and meal plans and baby shopping in your birth plan.

Stock Up On Prenatal Vitamins

If you were thinking about going on a diet or losing weight, then now’s not the time. Since you are eating for two, you must eat enough as well as healthy. To make sure you and your baby are in the best of health, a well-balanced diet as well as essential prenatal vitamins. Iron, calcium, iodine, folic acid, etc., are all necessary. However, do remember that vitamins are only supplementary. It would be best not to consider them as a replacement for eating food that your gynecologist recommends.

Stay Hydrated At All Times

Bladder infection, excessive sweating, hemorrhoids, and constipation – a pregnant lady has to go through one of these nightmares sooner or later. Fortunately, you can avoid most of these conditions by drinking enough water. It’s a rule of thumb that you need to stay hydrated during pregnancy and should drink more water than you used to. Try to consume about 8 to 10 cups of fluids each day as your body needs to produce extra blood volume. Drinking lots of fluids also helps form amniotic liquid. This liquid is essential for nourishing the growing fetus and providing it a safe cushion.

Get Rid Of Alcohol & Cigarettes

It is a no-brainer! Protecting your baby and keeping it healthy should be your priority. In other words, you have to avoid anything that can cause harm to your baby’s health. It includes saying “NO” to harmful substances like drugs, alcohol, smoking, tobacco altogether. Research suggests that your unborn child is at risk of FASDs (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders) due to alcohol consumption if you don’t stop drinking. Apart from alcohol, harmful activities such as smoking can cause severe complications for the baby, such as premature birth, poor health, low birth weight, heart diseases, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Therefore, it’s best to stick to healthy habits and diets and eliminate any food, substance, or activity that poses a threat to your baby and your health.

Understand Your Cravings

Pregnancy cravings are as legit as they can get. At times, you’ll find yourself craving food that you have hated all your life. You can look at your food cravings during pregnancy as a chance to understand what your body might be needing. For instance, if you are craving meaty food, you can quench your appetite with a healthy alternative rich in protein, such as beans and chicken. It would be best to satisfy your cravings with wholesome meals consisting of beans, dark green vegetables, eggs, salmon, dairy, fresh fruits, etc.

Make Some Time For Exercise

Until your doctor suggests otherwise, you should only exercise according to your stamina. Moderate-level exercises, soft workouts, and even yoga are incredibly beneficial for a healthy pregnancy. While in the last trimester, you can try doing Kegel exercises as they support and strengthen the vagina and urethra in the pelvis for a smoother delivery. Many pregnant women find themselves energized and motivated after exercising, which helps them sleep better as well. However, steer clear of activities that put you at risk of falling or hurting your belly.


It’s a privilege and a unique experience to carry a child in your belly and nourish it till birth and after. However, staying healthy throughout your pregnancy is extremely important for your child’s health as it can impact his/her health in the future as well. Therefore, ensure you are getting plenty of rest and sleep along with a healthy diet, daily exercise, prenatal vitamins, and plenty of water.

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