Motherhood is an extremely special gift. You have had the pleasure of bringing brand-new life into the world and now, you will have the chance to watch your newborn baby grow into their own person. While pregnancy can pose different experiences for everyone, the majority of new moms will have one common worry – their post-baby body. If you have always been the same size for the best part of your life, getting accustomed to your new shape may not be easy. It’s natural to feel frustrated and self-conscious when looking in the mirror – but remember – it is completely natural. You should be patting yourself on the back for what you have independently achieved.

Remember that getting your body back to ‘normal’ doesn’t happen overnight and is a gradual process to reach your desired result. If you’re on the lookout for some advice on getting back into shape after having a baby, here are some top tips that may come in useful:

Gentle Exercise Is Key

Giving birth is one of the most beautiful yet exhausting experiences a women’s body can go through. In the hours and days that follow, you’re likely to be fatigued and in need of some rest and recuperation. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel obliged to push yourself to get a summer-ready body post-birth. In fact, medical professionals advise that many women will need to rest for at least six weeks after giving birth – especially if they have had a Caesarean section.

Following check-ups with your GP and midwife, you may be given the go-ahead to partake in some gentle exercisesuch as short walks, pelvic floor workouts, or even swimming.

Be sure never to push yourself too hard. An average of ten minutes of exercise per day is just enough to kickstart your body into action without overdoing it. Once your body has fully recovered from the birth, you can increase to 150 minutes of exercise per week (which is the recommended time for the typical adult).

Consider Breastfeeding

While the World Health Organization suggests that breastfeeding a baby is recommended for the first six months, it isn’t the best option for all women. You may not feel comfortable or you may struggle with latching – and that’s perfectly okay. However, studies have shown that breastfeeding could help you burn up to 800 calories per day, as your body starts to burn the stored fat.

Yet, breastfeeding comes with the responsibility of feeding your baby essential nutrients, so you will need an extra 500 calories per day to keep both yourself and your newborn in good health.

Liposuction Surgery

If you have managed to shed the pounds but have been left with fat that isn’t shifting, you could always consider having liposuction surgery. Sometimes, it can be difficult to reverse the changes the body endures during pregnancy. While some women find it easy to accept their new shape, others are left with crippling anxiety about their appearance.

In this instance, undergoing a liposuction procedure may be a possibility for you. This treatment is designed to remove fat from targeted areas of the body, such as the stomach, thighs, or arms. Do be aware that this procedure is typically advised several months postpartum; therefore, it would be worth discussing with your GP beforehand to discuss your individual situation.

Get Enough Rest

After bringing your new bundle of joy into the world, you may be questioning when you will possibly have the chance to take a break from baby duties and focus on your own needs. While resting may seem like a counterproductive method for weight loss, it can help trigger the process. Poor sleep not only boosts junk food cravings but can have a drastic impact on your metabolic rate.

Try A Healthy Diet

Although you may be looking to change your diet to help you lose weight, you should still ensure that you are getting approximately 2000- 2500 calories per day – especially when breastfeeding. Yet, this doesn’t mean you should feel the need to consume large amounts of junk food to increase your calorie intake. Instead, focus on high-fiber foods with a low-fat percentage to stay in good health.

Final Word

It’s no secret that becoming a new mom is a whirlwind. You will be faced with several changes that you’ll need to grow accustomed to – including your new body shape. There is no pressure to get back to how you once were. Give yourself time to adjust and make the relevant steps to improve your self-confidence and appreciate your body for the gift that it has given to you.

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