New York City has numerous nicknames, and City that never sleeps is one of them. A bustling global metropolis is not synonymous with relaxation. But there are hidden gems in this concrete jungle where you can sit back and enjoy your day, chilling, reading, or just sipping coffee.

Hopefully, you will need to rest from ferocious sightseeing and exploring the Big Apple. First, you’ll have to come over, and foreign visitors need travel authorization. Tourists from countries in the Visa Waiver program can apply for ESTA and quickly get travel authorization through an online procedure. You will need to answer ESTA application questions and wait around three days for the administration to go through your application.

Relaxing Activities In NYC

Central Park is a world-known public park that takes a large portion of Manhattan Island, is a perfect spot for relaxing hikes, or sits and enjoys nature on a lawn. You can walk by the lake, feed the ducks, look at the signature model sailboats, or go to the Shakespeare Garden.

Across the bridge in Brooklyn, go to the Botanic Garden. If you come in spring, you can enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival or try outdoor yoga classes. A huge garden has plenty of unique plant species, and it’s not too crowded.

It might sound a bit weird, but Green-Wood Cemetery is a popular yet quiet and peaceful place. Explore great sculptures, monuments, and well-designed landscape, or take a guided trolley tour.

For those looking for perfect spots for reading, try with the Rose main reading room at New York Public Library. Next to the main room, there is a smaller and quieter North Hall, where you can read uninterrupted.

So-called Elevated Acre is small and secluded two flights above the street level in the southern part of Manhattan overlooking the water and a great Brooklyn view. There are benches, stone stairs, some shade and lawn, and plenty of options for chilling out.

Best Places To Write In NYC

New York has numerous public parks, and a shaded table in Central Park or Madison Square Park can provide an ideal atmosphere for writing. Trees, grass, ponds, and glimpse of the impressive architecture create a setting that can extract creative juices.

Some writers feed off the books, and McNally Jackson bookstore is a perfect place to soak bookish vibes, drink coffee, or small meals. McNally Jackson is among the best indie bookstores in the city and can attract some crowds.

Dynamic internet company Wix offers free co-working office space, complimentary coffee, but it can get crowded because of these amenities. You can write here only during the workday.

Places To Chill In NYC

Tourist that are looking for hidden gems often wonder is New York City safe? Tourist places are safe but have incidents like small thefts. You might want to avoid some neighborhoods during the night, but despite some security issues in the past, the city is now quite safe, and you can explore behind the tourist facades.

A great place to chill in Manhattan is Tompkins Square Park on the Lower East Side. There is a huge lawn, some shade, and exquisite local bagels.

The High Line is a public park unlike others in the city. The public park is elevated above street level on historic freight rail. You can find art, gardens and cool design with lots of places to unwind.

The whole of NYC, and especially Manhattan, is crowded with excellent small cafes where you can have a hot serving of a popular beverage with a cozy atmosphere and designer touch. When you come down from the High Line, check out Earth Café on the Upper West Side. It’s calm, with plenty of tables, free data connection, and excellent coffee.

On the opposite Upper East Side, a cool and well-designed place for chilling is Stella and Fly. The High Line Hotel in Chelsea has Café Intelligentsia with a huge patio and relaxed atmosphere. Fika Tower and Bakery is an excellent choice if you are near Hell’s Kitchen.

Things You Can Only Get In New York

New York is globally one of the most recognized symbols of the US, and merchandise with city symbols are sold worldwide. But what are authentic things you can only get in the city? Unlike Knicks jersey, you can’t get unique jewelry or artistic kitchenware from the Museum of Modern Art and its established gift shop.

Another museum has a similarly unique offering. New York Transit Museum has city transit memorabilia. Pressed pennies are among the most touristy souvenirs you can get, and among numerous locations, one of the best is next to the Yankee Stadium.

Bottom Line

New York can give you excitement and around the clock entertainment. It has so many attractions. You can explore it for weeks. Simultaneously, the metropolitan area has its peaceful parts where you can chill, relax, and write without distractions and big crowds.

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