Self-employed beauticians have already got various problems to deal with, but one that would not bother you is the risk of beauty treatment because we are going to cover it for you. Through Insync Insurance Mobile Beauty Insurance, you can now have a hassle-free time and serve your customers and clients with ease.

Freelance Beauty Insurance, What Is It Exactly?

Well, to begin with, beauty insurance for self-employed beauticians helps them have public liability insurance that covers all the claims against the treatment risk. Public Liability Insurance will get your business covered against any claims made against you by the client during the treatment and offer you indemnity compensation and expenses. This policy will also include insurance for your beauty treatment equipment as well.

Beauty treatment risk cover could be very helpful for you if you face certain injury or illness accusations that are allegedly caused by your treatment from your customers. Even if you accidentally make a mistake, no need to worry, Insync Insurance will cover for you so that your job security is never at risk.

Why Insync Insurance Only?

Insync makes it extremely easy for you to search for insurance by bringing you the options after comparing the best of insurers and their prices and plans. While it might be a hectic procedure to attain a quotation, with Insync, you can now get instant quotations, cover, and documents, all in a matter of minutes. Our flexible plans allow you to be at extreme ease at all times and pay for only those segments which you want, that too every month. If you are new and have little to no knowledge about beauty insurance then also you do not have to worry as Insync offers you advice from Hair and beauty experts who are immensely skilled and experienced in their fields. With our 24 hours claim helpline, you can have your queries resolved at any time, which would be less likely since you also get a personal insurance professional who will help you on a face to face and digital basis.

What Our Insurance Will Cover For You

We make sure to offer you only plans for those segments of the treatments which you require, and this is made possible through our working system where we get an entire panel of insurers. Each insurer has a list of acceptable treatments that come under their quotation and whichever suits you the best, you would pick that. Standard Beauty Treatments are always a part of our plans but with that, you now get complex treatments covered under our plans.


With Insync Insurance, you can be self-employed beauty therapists, working in salons, or working from home and make the best out of insurance covers against the beauty treatment risks. We have a Salon Safe team working with us which ensures that you get plans from the top 5 insurers for Freelance Beauty Insurance. Every policy of ours will surely include full Public Liability Cover and Treatment Risk Insurance. Insync will stand strong beside you, while you serve the customers with the best of treatments.

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