Buying an orbit sander from the online store can be very confusing if you are not aware of all its features! You must not go for the design and price tag when choosing an orbit sander, but you should look at its features. If you are not aware of it and need help the bob smith tool is here with its list of best orbit sanders.

Every sander is reviewed in detail so that you understand about working of the sanding and will be able to buy a suitable tool!

Here is the list of orbit sanders with the best features:

Black & Decker BDERO100

Looking for a sander that serves best in the DIY task and small sanding jobs? nothing can be better than black+decker BDERO100! this is an amazing tool coming with various features like lightweight and easy usage. This tool feels too light in your hand that you can continue sanding for hours without getting pain in your hands.

An amazing spin speed of 12000OPM is offered by this sander and it has a great motor that will last long. The quality finishes on the edges of furniture can be easily achieved using this orbit sander. apart from that its random action prevents the scuff marks on the surface of furniture.

there is provided an easy hook & loop system for attaching and detaching the sand pad whenever you like! A dust collection unit is there to capture the dust produced by sanding! and finally, 2 years of warranty is given to make sure customers can get most of this sander!

ROS20VSC Bosch Orbit Sander

another remarkable product that has gained so much popularity is by bosch. This orbit sander is designed especially for DIY experts and there is several features to support easy sanding work. there is a 2.5amp motor and a speed spin 12000 OPM also the speed can be changed from low to high for different areas of the furniture sanding.

Fine and smooth finishes gives full satisfaction to you when working with ROS20VSC bosch orbit sander. Apart from that, there is a dust collection system with a micro filter that can filter every dust particle. When working even a small dust particle can be of a problem than making a clean environment for easy working is best!

A pad dampening system is offered to help in preventing the surface to have gauges. Hence, the surface is even from all sides and results in high-quality work. For easy pad replacement, you get a hook and loop system that is easy to use. A person working with this sander can have a good grip over the sanding pad because of the hook and loop system.

Porter-Cable 382 5″ Random Orbit Sander

This is again an incredible tool on bob Smith’s tools. It is best in the terms of craftsmanship and comes with a ball-bearing construction. There is an enhanced sealed power switch to avoid debris from entering the inner part of the sander. Not only the look but the quality of performance given by this orbit sander is incredible.

This handheld orbit sander has a controllable speed system that working to produce an even surface. This speed control system is best for producing scuff free surface.

A dual-plane counter fan is also given in this sander that reduces vibration and makes the sanding work stress free. Leaving your arms site free and giving full satisfaction! The hook and loop system again makes easy sand pad attachment and detachment. Also, there is a 5 and 8 hole that makes it easy to use sandpaper of different brands! The speed offered is 12000 OPM and 1.9 amp motor!

Bosch 3725DEVS Random Orbit Sander

This is also a handheld sander that is best for a different type of sanding work. This portable sander comes with rugged aluminum gear to offer maximum durability! This is a great sanding tool as it has a dual bearing pad as well as a dust collection system attached at the back part of the sander.

The motor of 3.3 amp and 12000 OPM speed is offered by this sander. Also, you can adjust the speed from anywhere between 4500 to 12000 OPM. When compared on the basis of power these sanding tools stand out to best.

However, this sanding tool is kinda heavy when compared to others because of its 5.1-pound weight. It can give the best performance when you divide the weight between two hands. Thus, offering better control over the sanding pad.

Apart from that the dampening system reduces swirl marks and makes the surface smooth!

Ryobi P411 Cordless Battery Orbit Sander

Having a cord free sander is something that gives you the freedom to take it anywhere and use it easily! You won’t get any other great cordless battery orbit sander like this which offers you a maximum spin of 10000 OPM. Also, it is lightweight thus, feels comfortable in your hand. The battery-powered sander is easy to store and can be taken working location.

When buying this sander you have to buy the battery with it. Some drawbacks of this tool are that has low dust collection abilities and cannot be used for heavy-duty work.

Now that you have a list of top orbit sanders, the next thing you have to do is compare the features like-

Sanding Pad Speed

When you are going to buy a sanded then always compare the speed of the sanding pad. Here OPM stands for orbit/minute and RPM means revolution/minutes. There are few orbit sanders which does not have speed adjustment system while other have a speed adjustment system.


Power rating is offered by motor amp rating. The power usually ranges from 2.5-3.3 amp. The low spin speed is better than the high spin speed. Bosch 3725DEVS is best in case you want to have an orbit sander powerful enough.

Apart from that you can compare other features like dampening system and dust collection system as well as the warranty! Now, you can easily get a suitable orbit sander for your DIY or professional work. Most of the tools on Bob Smith Tools are received carefully to offer best to the customer, to know more you can look at the site

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