Over the last few years, the e-commerce space has grown rapidly and is projected to hit over 6.54 trillion USD in 2022. Now is the time to leverage such an opportunity through affiliate marketing. Without products in need of promotion, affiliate marketing wouldn’t be possible. The good news is, this space offer millions of items to choose from.

Affiliate marketing has made it possible for small online businesses, publishers, and independent bloggers to monetize their content. By so doing, it allows them to turn their traffic into an affiliate revenue stream. Successful affiliate marketer helps to promote a merchant’s product with a unique affiliate link. And as a result, they earn commission on the affiliate sales and leads they generate. Becoming successful in an affiliate marketing system requires offering a product. These affiliate products must meet the need of your audience in the affiliate marketing channels.

Finding the best affiliate product may be challenging as it involved affiliate marketing. As such, we have rounded up our picks for beginner-friendly affiliate-marketing products.

Read on to learn more about various beginner-friendly affiliate marketing products.

What Beginner-Friendly Affiliate Product Is The Best To Choose?

When it comes to selecting beginner-friendly affiliate products to sell and promote, make the products resonate with your target audience. As such, they will bring the most sale, thereby generating a high passive income. There are wide varieties of niches to pick from as long as the connection is logical.

For example, if you’re a lifestyle blogger with a predominantly female audience, beauty products would be a perfect fit. Consumers will not pay the affiliate marketer but the affiliate provider. Also, the cost of the affiliate network is already included in the retail price.

Here’s a look at our picks for beginner-friendly affiliate marketing products.

1. Financial Products

Consumers are constantly looking for an effective way to save money and spend smarter. This is why financial products are always in high demand. As a beginner, you can leverage any of the financial products using affiliate marketing. This wide range of products includes insurance policies, credit cards, mortgages, loans, and financial protection products.

Financial products are the real deal in affiliate marketing as they can offer a commission that exceeds $100 per sale.

2. Real Estate Products

Many affiliate programs in real estate are lucrative as about 50% of buyers find their dream homes online. This niche may be highly competitive in the affiliate marketing platform. Irrespective of this there is plenty to enjoy due to high commission rates.

A loophole here is that potential buyers are looking for online advice to safeguard them throughout their buying process. You can take advantage of this by recommendation. Examples include reputable banks and real estate firms. They offer favorable homeowner insurance and mortgage term.

Are you battling will significant financial liability due to electricity bills? Are you interested in saving your money on electricity bills? If Yes, the DIY home energy system is here to help thousands of people create more energy and save their bills. The DIY home energy is an online program that features a step-by-step guide that’ll save thousands of bucks on the electricity bill. This online program is a complete package featuring a digital book, video course, and everything you’ll need to set up an energy system at home.

3. Dating Products

Another interesting beginner-friendly niche is dating products. This is because the daily task of most singles out there is to keep up the search for that special someone. Thus, according to stats, over 40 million Americans use online dating tools (products). Unlike tech and fashion products that can go out of line or outdated, dating will continue to be an evergreen topic. It means that your effort in leveraging dating products will pay off in just a few years to come.

Examples of products you can promote include top dating sites, a niche dating program, dating books, e-books, and many more. Interestingly, the payout per sale is almost 80% commission.

4. Travel Products

Despite the advent of COVID-19, there are still opportunities to earn affiliate income from travel products in this era. All you need to do is choose wisely. For instance, data has shown that travel products are doing better these days in accommodation. People still go out for vacation on beaches and rivers. Consequently, accommodation experiences higher occupancies due to preference for peace and isolation.

Why not use this to your benefit? You could promote the travel affiliate marketing industry in different places. You can do this effectively using affiliate platforms. It promises a high revenue sharing than you can ever think about.

Read on for three more beginner-friendly affiliate-marketing products.

5. Gaming Products

These days, people of all ages seek high-powered consoles, computers, and mobiles to fix their entertainment. Consequently, the gaming industry is growing fast and expanding. In 2020, about 2.7 billion gamers were projected to spend over $159 billion on games. Also, the games market valuation was forecasted to exceed $200 billion by the end of 2023. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this demand using the affiliate marketing programs available at your disposal.

The gaming industry offers a wide variety of products you can promote and a good number of affiliate programs you can earn from. Examples include in-game guides for popular games and recommendations of high-end peripherals. You can also endorse video game subscription services and many more.  Incomes for affiliate partnership in this niche can make a few hundred dollars on some affiliate’s site.

6. Fashion Products

Another way to go is the lucrative fashion industry with various brands and products available for all demographics. There is clothing for men, women, luxuries, young, old, frugal, designers, plus size, and many more. Also, you can take advantage of topical niches like fast fashion, slow fashion, outdoor clothing, and many more.

You could sign up for various affiliate programs that offer commissions between 25% and 50% in this industry. Another way to go is to become an affiliate partner of a niche fashion brand or recommend the products of a renowned fashion merchant.

7. Gardening Products

Indoor and outdoor gardening is growing in popularity these days. There is no shortage in the gardening industry since people perceive vertical gardens as adding to a home and its value. All thanks to Grow It Yourself movement that offers more opportunities for gardening affiliates. With these products, you can start earning by promoting house plant subscriptions. Also, you can add value to the GIY movement by promoting GIY eBooks, non-GMO seeds, and many more to gardening enthusiasts. There are lot more offers in this industry you can take advantage of in your quest for smart passive income as a beginner.

Choosing A Product For Affiliate Marketing

The big question is, how do I choose beginner-friendly affiliate-marketing products? When deciding, consider your blog post niche and what type of items are most appealing to your readers. To do this, ask yourself one or two questions to help you determine if a specific product is right for your audience:

Is this product appealing?

Does my selected product appeal to my audience?

How competitive is it for this product?

What’s affiliate merchants pay per affiliate sale or lead?

Is there an upsell opportunity or a recurring commission?


Find great products and joining the right affiliate marketing programs. Well, you also need to consider how to generate traffic. Sharing your content on social media and leveraging your current readers are the first steps to take. However, implementing more marketing strategies will help you attract more consumers, thereby leading to more affiliate sales. Another way to be actively involved in the use of native ads and investing in paid advertising. Note that native ads give the best ROI, hands down. Leverage any promising affiliate marketing program in the world to earn a few dollars.

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