Having knowledge about the psychology of consumer behavior is very crucial for businesses. It helps them to know what motivates their target audiences so that they can create more of those opportunities, products, or services. Ultimately, these endeavors benefit businesses by generating more revenue and staying afloat in the global market. Despite using marketing translation services to enhance your reach in foreign economies, there is one more factor that your brand can utilize.

Your brand can tap into the memory of their target audiences and show them what they prefer and demand. The power of memory is one strong element that businesses seek and enhance their worth in the consumer market. Want to find out more about it? Well, this read is specially crafted for you.

Connection Between Memory & Marketing

There is a direct connection between both concepts. Memories shape our preferences, influence our decisions, and in the long run, define our relationship with brands. Our brain is a complex network of neurons constantly forming connections based on the experiences that we daily gather. When we come across a product that, for instance, we used in the past, our emotions are instantly activated. This allows brands to forge deep connections with audiences that can later become a hardcore element of a brand’s marketing strategy.

A professional translation company plays a great helping hand in making sure that this memory-targeting approach of the brand reaches multilingual audiences in an accurate way.

Encashing The Nostalgic Effect

Brands use ways to encash this nostalgic effect. They bring forward things from the past to target a certain part of their audiences. Also, brands not only evoke happy memories from the past but also target the bitter ones and give the audience a sentimental longing for the past. Businesses try to evoke the feelings of warmth and love that their audiences used to have about certain products in the past. It showcases how devoted the brands are to their audiences. And how the audience’s emotions are an important thing for brands.

Hold Of Emotions In Our Lives & How Businesses Benefit From It?

So we know that using the power of memory evokes emotions in audiences. These emotions are a clear gateway for knowing the preferences of the target audiences. Using humor, excitement and even sadness shows that your business clearly cares about its consumer base. And by constantly delivering positive experiences, you can embed your brand into the mind of the consumers. This includes excellent customer service and searching deep into the past.

For instance, in the 1920s and 1930s, Coca-Cola came up with a commercial showcasing Santa Claus, holding a bottle of Coca-Cola and smiling at the people. Over the years, Coca-Cola kept on producing this ad again and again and gathering the attention of its old audiences. After the last remake of the ad in the 1960s, Coca-Cola came up with a new ad in 2023. In 2023, Coca-Cola started that campaign again with the slogan, “The World Needs More Santas”. This shows Coca-Cola’s long-lasting tradition of showing Santa Claus as a mentor and children-loving figure. This is clearly a nostalgic moment for Gen X.

Importance Of Storytelling

It is common knowledge that we humans are hardwired for stories. We respond more to things that have a vision or a story behind them. When brands adopt this kind of strategy, it becomes easier for audiences to remember them and make them a part of their memory. Even if we listen to our forefathers about some brand that they frequently used, we naturally develop a positive image of that brand. When these brands bring old trends or old products in today’s setting, not only do the old generation respond but also the new generation that has heard good things about that brand develops a liking for such products.

For instance, Nike’s, “Just Do It”, talks a lot about what this brand has to offer to its audience. The way it explains that people can overcome any challenge gives a story behind their brand. This allows the audience to indulge in business with them.

So nostalgia plays an important role in marketing success. Also, the art of storytelling does a lot for your brand in the global marketplace.

Final Words!

Memory is, no doubt, a very powerful medium for businesses to target the right audience. It evokes emotions in people, attracting them to brands. By understanding the science of memory, any brand can make a permanent place for itself in the diverse marketplace. It is something that can help you develop a loyal customer base. Moreover, other than memory, you can use the storytelling method to leave a lasting impression on the target consumers. The more you make efforts to stay top of the mind of your target customers, the more are your chances of making a mark in the market.

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