With the unprecedented COVID-19 health and safety measures in force as of 2020, master bathroom upgrades were the most common choice for home transformation due to their functional hygienic role. Since recent bathroom trends drew inspiration from luxe hotels and retreats, there’s the undeniable relaxing role to them too.

A quick visit at a well-stocked bathroom warehouse with a range of fixtures and fittings is enough to give you a sense of all this. As there are endless décor possibilities, with various furnishings you can try out, the secret to pulling off a unique and special upgrade is to use your personality, likes and dislikes, as your guides.

No change is too small to make an impressive impact – keep this in mind if you fear you don’t have the needed backup from your budget. Seek the inspiration from the following ideas to brush off the lacklustre face of your bathroom and breathe some life into it so it could become your personal relaxing retreat.

A Nomad’s Mix

With the pandemic putting our travelling plans to a halt, many modern nomads found themselves stuck in the same place for quite some time. The easiest way to make the charms of faraway places part of your life again is to bring them in the abode. All you have to do is use some ideas from your latest trips, or the latest global design trends, to find just what you need in terms of essential bathroom supplies from the chosen bathware store or warehouse.

You can create your own eclectic décor mixing designs from various parts of the world. Take the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy as an example which has gained wide appeal because of the focus on raw materials, outstanding craftsmanship, and natural fibres – all properties great for combining with any style you can think of.

If you aim for a contemporary look, acquiring a nicely crafted timber vanity, to add the bit of the raw and natural, is great when teamed up with marble and quartz countertops, porcelain basins, and Italian-inspired terrazzo tiles. There’s also a play with the dose of warmth with these features: the warmth of the wood balances out the coolness of the stones.

If your budget allows it, you can match the timber with sleek timber mirror cabinets in the same colour that the resourceful bathroom warehouse can supply you with. And, in case you’re in need of a pop of colour should you choose monochromatic tiles for instance, you can always spice it up with quality, eye-catching and beneficial towels fabrics like bamboo or Egyptian and Turkish cotton. The ultimate dose of warmth, interest, and personality can be added in the form of a vibrant carpet from an Oriental region.

A Minimalist Approach

Minimalism has been in the décor spotlight for quite some time, though despite its popularity in the recent years, many individuals are still afraid to welcome it in their abodes out of fear it’s drab, lifeless and boring. Truth be told, acquiring a minimalist approach when upgrading the bathroom fittings, fixtures, or accessories can be of help for most homes because it simply means you adopt the “less is more” attitude.

No, it doesn’t imply you’d have to get rid of most of your essential beauty products and accessories – you’d just learn how to bring order to the chaos hiding your mess of belongings with the ideal solutions. This is the recipe for getting that much-needed zen bathroom feel like you get at the spas to assist you with finding your peace and waving those pandemic-related worries goodbye.

If you find yourself thinking “How can I make my bathroom peaceful?” as you’re reading this, remember the first tools with creating your stress-free paradise are vanity drawers, compartments, shelves, and niches from the trusted bathroom warehouse. Once you’ve put your mess in order, neatly organising your bits and pieces of accessories and toiletries, you can move on to focusing your layout around the source light.

You don’t need to have many windows, or few big ones for that matter, to pull it off – soft lights can do the trick. Speaking of light, you can also treat yourself with candles at home; seriously, what speaks zen more than candlelit baths or showers to soothe mind, body and soul? Still, to reap the benefits they bring about, choose those made from natural materials. If you can afford to luxuriate in style with a bathtub, you might also add a tray or caddy, perfect for keeping all your essentials at hand.

A Touch Of Luxury

Never underestimate the power of tapware. Even if you can’t implement any of the aforementioned ideas, or go for a large-scale reno, you can still pull off a considerable difference with the mere help of taps. Though some might think gold to already be out of trend, in fact it’s as trendy as it ever was!

The addition of gold faucets would immediately inject your décor with sophistication and you won’t have to take it to the next level if you’re out of money. Besides the sink, you can choose matching tapware from your choice of bathroom showrooms for the shower or the bathtub. And, should you feel like going for more things golden, you have the flexibility to choose what you upgrade next. The hardware of drawers, the hangers, hooks, towel holders, as well as mirror frames could all serve as your accents.

In case you have a more eclectic kind of personality, feel free to mix it up with other metals like nickel. To avoid getting a tacky outcome, stick to sprinkling the two instead of clustering. When in doubt about the metals, black metal is always a great choice. Though the way to play it safe is to choose two options, don’t be afraid to go bold and add more if you feel like it. Just remember not to overdo it!

Dark bronze makes for another sound decision you have the green light to invest in. Those interested in more luxe ideas could use the “beauty is in the details” motto and splurge on fancy and detailed soap holders, sink trays, shower shampoo and soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, tissue holders, and toilet paper holders to get that opulent resort vibe.

The wastebin is another option you can use to your advantage, and so are heated towel rails for that ultimate spa-like ambience. Finish off with bathroom-friendly plants with lush greenery, or your choice of artwork. It could be a mural, animal prints, a gallery wall of paintings you hold near and dear, or that one special picture above the toilet suite with texture and colour matching other elements, and you have guaranteed luxury!

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