Whether you are planning to settle somewhere or go for an outing, you need to pack it right to make your packing more effective and easy.

From hanging clothes, shoes, hats, and even your accessories, all need to be picked and packed with a proper strategy to make the packing more effective. Effective packing will not only make your traveling easy, but you can also save a lot of time.

So, keep reading to know all the ways of how to pack clothes for moving.

How To Pack Clothes For Moving?

The first step to shifting clothes is cleaning your cupboard of unused items. After deciding what to keep, you’ll need to plan how to shift your clothes. Prepare for the transfer by collecting supplies. Here are the important items that you need to pack for moving.

  • Cardboard Box: You can use cardboard boxes to pack your clothes. There are cardboard boxes everywhere, from internet markets to large box stores and recycling sites. So, collect cardboard boxes and keep your clothes accordingly.
  • Wardrobe Boxes: These are useful for storing hanger clothes. You can use them for those goods that wrinkle easily.
  • Suitcases: Suitcases are a great method to pack folded clothes, shoes, etc. Inside the suitcase, you can easily pack those easily foldable things that won’t break.
  • Compression Bags: These bags are useful for safeguarding clothing from the weather. Moreover, these are also reusable bags, and you can easily find them in shops and malls.

The Best Possible Ways To Sort Your Clothes

After getting your moving supplies and going through packing procedures, it’s time to sort through your wardrobe. Sort your clothes into these two groups:

Sorting Through The Material

Try organizing your clothes by materials like silk, linen, denim, etc. This will later make the laundry process easy.

Sort By Season

Sorting clothes through the season keeps you organized during a move and prevents clutter later on. If you relocate during the winters, you simply need to unpack winter clothing. Summer, spring, and fall clothes can be stored in boxes in a storage container. This will surely keep your wardrobe clean and organized.

How Can You Pack Clothes In Boxes?

Cardboard boxes are inexpensive and available everywhere. So, there are a few ways to put your clothes inside the boxes. Here’s how you do it.

Use small to medium cardboard cartons. This will save you from over-stuffing them with clothes and breaking the box. Moreover, this will also make the transportation easy as well. Gather the cardboard box and tape it by packing tape.

Next, line the box with packing plastic or plastic wrap. This will prevent water damage and chances of tear when relocating.

For cardboard boxes, we recommend the flat fold approach for faster unpacking. Cover the top layer of garments with packing paper once folded and within. Tape the box. Mark it with a sharpie or a colored pen. This will help you find it when you move in.

How To Pack Clothes In Suitcase?

Suitcases are useful for moving for many reasons. It saves you money on extra cardboard boxes. Moreover, it saves you more time and can make the packing more convenient.

To save space, fold your clothes flat, roll them or use packing cubes if needed. While packing a suitcase, remember to put extra clothing and shoes towards the bottom. Clothing, phone chargers and nightwear should be placed on the top of the suitcase.

You can also try cramming shoes with knickknacks, socks, and electronics. Moreover you can also protect your shoes with packing bags or shoe bags.

Always keep a shopping bag inside the suitcase for dirty clothes. Having a separate bag will prevent dirty clothes from combining with clean clothes.

How To Pack Clothes In Compression Bags?

Compression bags let you store more garments in less space while keeping them clean and dry. Moreover, these bags are also reusable. You can use these bags to store your seasonal clothing while moving.

When you use compression bags, we recommend rolling or folding your garments beforehand. Many people who use compression packs choose to roll their items to save space.

Next, get your bag and stuff it with your larger clothes. Moreover, you can also place smaller items on top and squeeze to expand the bag.

Remember to prioritize your important clothes like underwear, jacket, and pajamas. Fill the compression bag almost to the top. Squeeze as hard as possible to get rid of extra air.  After you have placed all your clothes in the compression bag, you can then seal it.

If you want moving help, you can always consult with experts and service providers to help you with your packing and your moving.

Bottom Line

Many people don’t like moving their clothes. It’s likely to forget to pack important things if you start packing at the last minute. Through effective packaging, you can save money and arrange your clothes properly.

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