After years of hard work, your retirement years are your time to enjoy life and relax. Unfortunately, a lot of people also use this stage of their life to relocate and move to somewhere they have always dreamed of living or finding a property that suits their new lifestyle. If you have reached retirement age and have been thinking about moving to a new home, here are some things you need to consider before you do.


When moving to a new house, it’s always important to consider the location as this will affect house prices and how comfortable and safe it will be for you to live there. Many retirees take the opportunity to move abroad, as living in a foreign country can be an exciting venture that a lot of people dream of doing at some point in their life. If you have always wanted to move abroad when you retire, do some research to discover what part of the world will suit you best. You should also find a reliable real estate agent in that area to help you in your search. Tres Amigos Realty in Costa Rica is a great example of this.


Another thing to consider when moving once you retire is the size of the property you’re going to purchase. This will be the final house they live in for many people, so making sure that it is the right fit for you is key. Many retirees choose to downsize, and manage the house will be easier, and there is no need for extra bedrooms once your children have left home. On the other hand, if you have a big family and anticipate them to come and visit you at the same time, you’ll need to think about having enough guest rooms for people to stay in. Either way, it’s important to consider all of these things when figuring out how big you want your next house to be.

Local Amenities

Moving to a property that is in a tranquil, secluded area can be incredibly tempting if you’re looking for a slower pace once you retire. However, it’s important to not isolate yourself too much as the easier it is for you to do the grocery shopping, going into town for dinner, shopping, or other entertainment, and having access to good healthcare is essential. In addition, as you get older, you might find living in a place that is too secluded won’t be beneficial, and you would find it better to be closer to others and having access to all of the necessary amenities.

Consider Your Future Needs

While living closer to others and not being too far away from a doctor’s office or hospital is something to be wary of when purchasing a house in retirement, you should also think about what your other future needs might be. For example, although you might not like to think about it, as you get older, you might find yourself struggling to get up and down the stairs, stand in the shower, get out of the bath, etc. With this in mind, you should think about how easy it would be to make modifications to the property to accommodate these needs; otherwise, you might have to move yet again to find a more suitable property. You can start to buy stairlifts, safety grab bars and a hospital bed.

If you’re recently retired and are thinking about moving to a new home to enjoy this new phase of your life, consider the tips above to help you find the perfect house.

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