Peloton and Hydrow are brands you will hear mentioned often by gym enthusiasts. These brands became even more popular during the pandemic home workout revolution, where health and fitness equipment revenue more than doubled to $2.6 billion in 2020. If you wonder which equipment is best for you, Peloton and Hydrow are compared here

The pros and cons of Peloton vs. Hydrow equipment includes tons of workout programs, well-rounded packages, near-silent operation, compact design, on-demand and live classes. Unfortunately, the equipment is pricey, requires wifi and a monthly subscription for a wholesome experience.

Peloton has bikes and treadmills, and it is rumored that the brand will release a rower some time in 2022. Hydrow has a rower. However, even though both brands offer different workout equipment at the moment, they use a similar workout concept. This article will dig deeper into the pros and cons of Peloton vs. Hydrow.

Peloton vs. Hydrow: The Pros & Cons Of Rowing vs. Cycling

Until Peloton releases a rower, when comparing Peloton and Hydrow, you will be looking at the pros and cons of cycling vs. rowing, respectively. The technology used by PelotonPeloton makes their equipment unique because of the features which add value to your workout. 

Pros Of Rowing

Rowing has become quite popular. Hydrow is one of the brands offering rowers as workout equipment. 

Here are the pros of rowing.

  • It is a high-calorie-burning exercise. If you follow a sustainable rowing motion for a set time, you will use at least 83% of your muscles resulting in a high-calorie burn.
  • It works on large and small muscles, so you will tone your muscles faster when you row.
  • It builds mental strength. Rowing requires full concentration. Whether it is to row faster or even to keep rowing despite the body aches, the decisions you make ultimately boost your mental strength.
  • Low impact on the joints. 
  • It improves stamina over time.
  • Improves body posture.

Cons Of Rowing

Despite its benefits, rowing has its disadvantages. The cons of rowing include:

  • Rowing is a bit of a learning curve. The movements are not very intuitive. However, after following rowing tutorials and practicing regularly, you will soon move easily.
  • Although it is a low-impact exercise, you can still get injuries because of the dynamic, whole-body motion. 
  • It requires a lot of focus to maintain the same speed and body movement. 

Pros Of Cycling

Cycling has several advantages. They include:

  • It has zero impact since you simply move your legs as you cycle.
  • It is easy to do even for people who do not know how to cycle.
  • You can multitask while cycling.

Cons Of Cycling

Like rowing, cycling also has its cons. They include:

  • It is one of the lowest calorie-burning exercises. This is because you are mainly working your leg muscles. If you worked on a Peloton stationary bicycle for 15 minutes and rowed on the Hydrow for the same period, the calories lost will be higher on the Hydrow.
  • You will need to set up the stationary bike to suit your height and workout needs. This is unlike the rower, which is already set up. The only adjustment you will need is with the pedals to fit your shoe size. 
  • The cycling seats are quite uncomfortable.

Features & Tech Comparison Of Peloton & Hydrow

Peloton and Hydrow and the top connected interactive workout equipment. Any franchise that specializes in fitness equipment repair would say that both share several similarities since they have a similar concept. The similarities are:

  • Peloton has spin classes, while Hydrow has rowing classes.
  • Both systems have pre-recorded exercise programs.
  • World-class cyclists and rowers offer live classes for Peloton and Hydrow, respectively. 
  • You can invite friends and family with Peloton and Hydrow memberships for competitive, interactive classes. 
  • Peloton and Hydrow have Bluetooth connectivity options.
  • Both have a 22-inch touch screen.
  • The monthly membership package for Peloton and Hydrow is within the same range, with PelotonPeloton charging $39 and Hydow $38. 

Why Choose Peloton vs. Hydrow

If you are torn between the Peloton and Hydrow, you should:

  • Buy a Peloton if you prefer cycling and a Hydrow if rowing is for you. 
  • Go for Hydrow if you wish to burn more calories.
  • Hydrow live classes are sometimes at unfavorable times.
  • Peloton is great for cardiovascular fitness.
  • If you have limited space, a Hydrow is handy if you can get the $69.99 accessories for vertical storage.

Choosing either Peloton or Hydrow may seem a little difficult at first. However, when you focus on the pros and cons of each workout equipment and what each has to offer, the decision is easier. The stakes will be higher when PelotonPeloton releases its rower.

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