New Orleans has always been one of the countries most fun places to visit. Millions of people fly in for the weekend for the music and flare.  As with any city, however, those visiting should know how to have fun while at the same time know the rules of the town.  

Let’s get started on how to enjoy New Orleans. 

1. New Orleans is a cash town. If you plan on going out, do not expect to use your credit card, it will likely be denied at many places. There are ATMs all over New Orleans, so make sure to stop by one before the night begins.

2. New Orleans is also a pickpocket town. New Orleans is known across the country for its great music but a somewhat high petty crime rate. As any city New Orleans has its bad areas, so be aware of your surroundings at all times.

3. New Orleans has many great food options available. From low to high-class, the city has many unique restaurants with wonderful food.

4. New Orleans is a walking town. Most entertainment is located in specific areas, so most places are within walking distance of each other. If you see the opportunity to walk instead of taking a taxi, take it. Walking allows one to truly experience New Orleans.

5. Bourbon Street is New Orleans’ most popular street. There are many wonderful attractions, museums, and museums, but none compare to the pure entertainment that is New Orleans.  Bourbon Street at night is a must for any tourist. 

6. New Orleans Hosts some of the best Jazz in America. New Orleans is known across the world for its music. Once, the city was one of the first places to embrace this jazz music genre and hadn’t looked back. So come and enjoy New Orleans jazz at its finest.

7. New Orleans has many great bars. There are lovely bars where people can enjoy daily drink specials and the city’s nightlife. After leaving the city, the fun you had in its many bars will certainly be your favorite memories. On a safety note, if you find you’ve had too many drinks avoid driving, or you’ll find yourself in jail for a DWI

8. New Orleans bars are often open until 4 or 5 am. This means plenty of time to enjoy the fun, get some great food, and have plenty of rest before starting another late night. 

9. New Orleans bars often require a strict dress code. Bars like to keep up with a certain image and may require their patrons to wear heels, collared shirts, etc. to ensure their customers feel classy and not under-dressed.

10. New Orleans is a city of good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods. Like any other major city, New Orleans has many wonderful areas and many not-so-nice areas. It is important to know the difference before getting lost. Stay with others, and don’t wander off on your own. 

11. New Orleans is very hot and humid. It is important to bring enough sunscreen for a day at the beach because that is essentially what walking around New Orleans in the summer feels like but without the breeze of the beach.

12. You can go to jail in New Orleans. Even though it is known as a party town, some things are not tolerated. You’ll even find that there are several laws that are not the same from where you come. So have a good time, but know that if you get into a fight or break local laws, you’ll need a good criminal defense attorney the next morning. 

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