Nowadays, it has become very easy to scam and fraud anyone. It is good for you to know what you are buying. Most people around the globe prefer Japanese used vehicles instead of new European cars. Because of the reliability and many features at such an affordable price.

According to Statista, from the year 2017 to 2019. Japan exported around 4.4 million passengers’ vehicles. The exports hit 4.4 million units. With millions of followers of Japanese used vehicles, they imported various models to several Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Dubai.

We have come up with few guides for you before buying Japanese used vehicles; let’s get on with it.

Choose From Auctions

If you want to buy a Japanese used vehicle, a Japanese car auction might be more suitable for you. There are loads of stock available in every auction with a lower and higher price tag. It is for registered buyers from Japan only. You can hire someone to bid on your behalf you.

Find A Reliable Exporter

Before anything, you must find a reliable exporter. We have already said above about how scams can occur, and you might face the music later on. You may find many traders and exporters online, but not all of them are trustworthy or reliable. Here are some tips before you chose a trader/exporter.

  1. Check their site deeply and check out past client reviews as well.
  2. Check out their physical address, the registration number on their website, which year they set up their company, etc. And details that must be checked.
  3. Moreover, make sure to check they are a respectable member of Auction houses.

You Should Know How To Communicate With Your Dealer

Your dealer can be Japanese, so we prefer you hire a translator to avoid getting confused while conversing with your dealer. If you have any doubt in your mind, you must communicate with your dealer. So, in the future, you don’t find any problem related to your car.

Check The Stock

After visiting the trading site, you must check if the stock is regularly updated. From this, it can lead you to know that the company is active and responsive.

Inspection (Shaken)

The inspection is a must if you own a car in Japan. This inspection takes place every two years in Japan. Sixty points of inspection are needed. Make sure the car has gone through all inspections carried in Shaken. If the car has gone through inspection, it must have a certificate known as a JCI inspection certificate.

Moreover, it’s good for you to check the reports of the car of any damage issue. You can get another inspection done if any issue shows up.

Documents You Must Have

There are several documents you must have when you are importing Japanese used vehicles:

  • Commercial Invoice (original)
  • Bills of lading (original)
  • Inspection Certificate (from JAAI and JEVIC)
  • Exported vehicle deregistration (original)
  • Inspection sheet
  • Marine insurance (original copy)

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