Picture books are a powerful way to develop your children’s reading and thinking skills. These skills can help them excel in school and in life. Here are some ways picture books can help your children become better readers.

Introduce Language

When you introduce your children to books early, you can help them get used to reading and using words. Research has shown that picture books can accelerate literacy and reading skills. Children can learn to attach words to ideas from picture books as you say the word while pointing at the picture. As you transition to more advanced books, books such as illustrated children’s books may feel less intimidating because the child has practiced the reading process.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Many picture books teach basic concepts like feelings, sequence, time, safety, and cause and effect. Practicing these ideas with your children, such as when to brush their teeth, can connect reading to actual life situations. Asking questions and modeling how to find solutions can involve your child in the critical thinking process.

Inspire Creativity

Creative minds can visualize concepts. Picture books can introduce new ideas and expand understanding already in the child’s mind. As a child learns more words, they can broaden their knowledge and experience, and then they draw on that knowledge to explore more of their world. Encourage your child to play, draw and communicate concepts to inspire their creativity and encourage the development of new ones.

Encourage Good Habits

A daily reading practice before children can read words can help your child develop a reading habit that lasts into adulthood. Books can lead your children to new ideas and introduce them to new perspectives and cultures. Reading with your child can also help you and your child bond and develop a closer relationship.

Prepare Children For School

School may be a few years down the road for your child, but helping them develop skills they can use in school can start in infancy. Daily reading at the same time each day can help them develop habits and routines. Reading can also help children develop focus and concentration on one task at a time.

Reading picture books can help children identify concepts, learn new words and encourage them to communicate their thoughts with you. Reading every day with your child can help them practice basic reading skills and can help them develop a lifelong love of reading.

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