A chainsaw is a very effective tool for woodworkers and cutting trees. Today we are going to know about chainsaw safety with its features. You will be able to know about chainsaw safety features and tips. Sometimes the chainsaw can be dangerous if you don’t know about its safety and how to use chainsaw. You might have a chainsaw for woodworking and it can be small, medium, or big no matter what you must have to use it properly and should know how to operate a chainsaw. An expert chainsaw user can make a successful job without any hazards and get a good result. So you must have a piece of good knowledge about the chainsaw for working with success.

Most of the chainsaw user is aware of the kickback problem but if you know how to avoid kickback injury then there is less possibility of occurring any unavoidable circumstances. For chainsaw safety, there are some factors that you should keep in your mind while using the machine. Such as the parts and components of the chainsaw and how they work. Let’s know about the chainsaw features with its parts.

Short Introduction Of Chainsaw Components

  • Handguard
  • Front handle
  • Starting pull handle
  • Chain brake
  • Chain catcher
  • Chain tensioner
  • Guide bar
  • Throttle
  • Throttle interlock
  • Clutch
  • Flywheel
  • Muffler
  • Carburetor
  • Oil cap
  • Oil reservoir
  • Choke valve
  • Trigger
  • Fuel cap
  • Fuel tank
  • Air filter
  • Safely switch

After learning about all the above mentioned parts and how to use them, you will be able to operate a dangerous machine like chainsaw safely. So, knowing about the chainsaw makes a user experienced. And such an experienced user will be able work with a chainsaw more efficiently than others.


Chainsaw safety equipment protects your hands, head, eyes, ears, legs, and feet. So you should know how to be safe while working. So, prepare yourself with these things.

Safety Equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Earmuffs
  • Eye protecting goggles.
  • Protective clothes
  • Gloves
  • Leg protection

Protect yourself by wearing safe things for working safely. Wear a helmet to protect your head against any kind of injuries caused by falling trees or branches. Hearing protection such as earplugs or earmuffs will protect your ears from the excessive noise caused by the chainsaw.

Moreover, protective clothes such as trousers, jackets, pants, chaps also give you safety. For your leg protection wear boots to stay safe from any risk of injuries or other harmful hits. And every expert chainsaw or any other power tool users agree that one should not be wearing too loose clothes or jewelries while using a saw.

Check The Followings:

You should check the chainsaw chain tension, power source, bar, and chain oil before operation. Again, check the front handle whether it fits or not and as well as chain cleaning and sharpness. After checking all the things and factors you should start your work.

What You Should Do

After getting the chainsaw, at first, you should read the owner’s manual carefully for using the chainsaw properly. Keep your chainsaw on a leveled ground. And that place should be clean and safe.

If possible work with a partner. And anyway, no one should work with a chainsaw alone. Because your partner can assist you while operating and save you from any unwanted hazard.

Hold the handguard of the chainsaw in a sturdy position and keep both hands on the saw. Plan where you want to cut with this chainsaw and then turn the switch ON to start the saw. Stay in a sturdy position and start to cut when the chain is moving at full speed.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Now I am going to discuss what you shouldn’t do with your chainsaw. Never start your chainsaw keeping it on the workpiece otherwise you will face severe kickback.

Don’t use the chainsaw above shoulder height or ground level or off a ladder. Wet or damp area can be harmful for your working safety so avoid this kind of area for working. Moreover, if your chainsaw needs fuel then let it cool at least 10 minutes and refuel after cooling.

Always keep your bar and chain lubricated with either auto or manual oiling system of the chainsaw. A dry chain can be very harmful.

Safety Features

The chain brake of the chainsaw helps avoid kickbacks while using the chainsaw and it works by stopping the chain movement and applying a steel brake band.

You must activate the throttle lock because it prevents sudden throttle movement. It will work if the lock is pressed in.

Chain catcher protects a chainsaw user and it stops the chain from flying backward and hitting the chainsaw.


Chainsaw safety means not only chainsaw safety features but also indicates the user’s safety. As a chainsaw user you must know the chainsaw safety features and you should follow the dos and don’ts for using chainsaw properly.

Earlier in this article, we have discussed the chainsaw parts, its features, and what will be your activity. It is needless to say that how important your safety is with chainsaws.

Wish you good luck and maintain the chainsaw safety measures properly. Best of luck with your chainsaw.

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