We can all agree on one thing – pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our everyday life. From the way we work to the way we think.

Not only that the individuals had to adjust to the new way of functioning, but also the countries had to adapt their economics and market policies due to the pandemic.

That being said, the real estate market has also been affected – home inspections are somewhat different from the way they used to be, new cleaning protocols were put in place, and virtual tours are becoming the norm.

Help Is Right Around The Corner!

If you have been thinking about selling your home in the current conditions, you have to take into consideration all the parameters in order to make the right choice.

Luckily, you don’t have to make this decision alone – Terra Dalmatica realtors are skilled and experienced professionals who can guide you through your journey.

Why Should I Sell?

Home prices are still holding up, meaning you don’t have to go below the realistic value of your home in order to sell it.

Keeping up with the current mortgage rates should be an important part of your decision. If you successfully sell your home, the chances of ending up with a bigger budget when purchasing your future home may increase.

The pandemic and its limitations might be useful this time! The higher health risks, when searching for a new home, can help to shorten the list of potential buyers only to the serious ones, making your job a lot easier.

What Is Different?

Because the market is especially unpredictable during the pandemic, you cannot precisely estimate the time needed to sell your home.

This means that you should be flexible and open to changes – don’t be disheartened if you don’t sell it in the expected time.

Be prepared for making compromises when showing your house. In-person impressions might be off the table so you might have to consider marketing your home digitally through virtual tours.

Get Out Your Cleaning Tools!

In wake of the new health regulations, you have to be more thorough in maintaining your home.

Awareness of the ways of spreading coronavirus could make your potential buyers more critical and demanding.

Should I Wait?

Leaving more time to sell your home gives you the space for improving your profits, but also means delaying your scheduled plans.

The decision of whether or not you should sell your home now depends on your priorities and compromises you are willing to take. Always leave space for contingencies and changes in the real estate market.

Taking everything into account, this decision should be based on multiple factors. Keep in mind that the economic consequences of the current corona crisis might be yet to come – because of the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, you could end up waiting a lot more than expected.

Whatever your final choice may be, Terra Dalmatica will make sure to help you make the right one!

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