On any social media platform, your growth strategy is only valid if it can be precisely assessed. While earning the coveted For You page on TikTok is a clear indicator of a video’s strong engagement and visibility, it is not the only way to assess how well your content performs on the platform. The TikTok Analytics tool is an in-app aspect that allows you to track video views, followers, and other key metrics that determine your profile’s popularity. We will cover all you need to know about TikTok Analytics in this article, including how to use it to improve your app’s status.

Why Should You Use TikTok Analytics?

Businesses can learn more about their audience by looking at how people respond to their social content and advertising using social media insights, also known as “analytics.” Analytics is a collection of indicators that tell you who is viewing and engaging with your content and how you might create more of it. TikTok Pro’s content analytics assist you in increasing interaction, reaching new audiences, and learning more about your audience’s preferences. Along with this, you can also buy TikTok likes to attract your audience smartly.

How Do You Check TikTok Analytics?

It’s simple to check your TikTok metrics once you have set up your profile. To use this function, you must first upgrade your account to a TikTok Pro account. It is entirely free and allows you to create a profile as a business or a creator. There are sites like Tweetphoto, and you can also make use of it to gain more interaction.

Difference Between Pro & Regular TikTok Account

The most significant distinction between a TikTok pro account and a standard account is TikTok analytics. Regular profiles do not have these, but pro accounts do. As a result, pro account users may learn more about their followers, track views and engagement, and more from the TikTok analytics dashboard. You can also buy TikTok packages from reputed sites like Tweetphoto to enrich your profile.

To Upgrade To A TikTok Pro Account, Follow These Steps:

  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of your profile page.
  • Select Manage My Account from the menu.
  • Switch to the Pro Account option.
  • Select the proper gender and category.
  • If you did not provide your phone number when you signed up, you get a prompt to do so, followed by the confirmation code you will get.

How To Look Up TikTok Video Analytics

You may view the metrics for individual videos you publish in addition to the analytics for your entire profile and all of your content. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Reach out to the TikTok app on your device.
  • At the down right of the display, tap the Me control.
  • Go to the video you want to watch and click on it.
  • At the bottom right of the screen, press the three buttons.
  • At the bottom left of the screen, tap the Analytics button.

You will be able to see information like the video’s average viewing time, the number of times the audience played it, and the source of the video’s traffic from there.

Here’s how to find your whole profile’s analytics:

  • Reach out to the TikTok app on your device.
  • At the down right of the display, click the Me control.
  • At the upper right of the screen, tap the three dots.
  • Select Creator tools > Analytics from the drop-down menu.

What Is Covered By The TikTok Analytics Tool?

Let’s go over the precise data covered by TikTok analytics and how you can use it to grow your profile now that you know where to look for them.

Overview Tab

The Overview tab gives you a quick overview of your views and follows. For example, you can choose to see metrics from the previous seven days or the previous 28 days.

  • Video Views: The total number of times your videos were active.
  • Followers: The total number of people who follow you.
  • Profile Views: The number of times the audience views your profile.

The data in the Overview area gives you an idea of how far your brand has spread and how well your videos are doing. In addition, you can use the statistics from the Overview section to evaluate the success of your TikTok marketing initiatives. You can read the Guide by Increditools for more learning.

Content Tab

The content tab displays your top 9 videos depending on the fastest rise in viewership over the last seven days. When you tap on any video in this section, you will get more information about it, such as total playtime, total views, likes, comments, shares, audience territories, etc. Use the stats in the Content section to see if your videos effectively entertain people and reach individuals in your target area.

Follower Tab

View your current follower count and see how many followers you’ve gained or lost in the last seven days.

  • Gender: Find out what percentage of your audience is of men and what percentage is of women.
  • Top Territories: Use a bar graph to see which countries your followers are logging in to see how successfully you’re reaching your target location.
  • Followers Activities: Determine when your followers are most likely to log in by looking at their activities.
  • Videos Watched: Find out what TikTok hot content your followers are watching!
  • Listened Music: Discover the music and sounds that your followers have been listening to during the last seven days.

This section displays thumbnails of the most popular videos with titles, authors, captions, and the number of likes, comments, and shares for each video.

Final Words

So, the mentioned details would help you get some knowledge about the TikTok analytics and use it accordingly.

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