Do you know that when there was no Internet, the only source of entertainment was cable TV and radio? But, since modern ways of streaming have been changed, and people now prefer watching digitally, various live streaming platforms have joined the league.

And, while there are a plethora of digital services, 0123Movies was the most popular. It was a network of file streaming websites that were operating from Vietnam.

However, in 2018, the Motion Pictures Association of America called it the most popular illegal site and was shut down. However, as of April 2020, the site is still active through its close sites.

With the global Alexa rank of 559 and the local ranking of 386 in the United States, the 123movies is the most popular among viewers. To (its original name) has over 9.26 million users around the world.

Besides, in March 2018, it gets over 98 million visitors per month. However, on 19 March 2020, the official note on the site’s homepage announced its shutdown and also urged the users to respect the makers by paying for TV shows and filmmakers.

If you are looking for any more sites like 123movies, here we have listed a few alternatives. Do check them:

Solar Movies

Solar Movies is one of the best alternatives to 123movies. The site lets you stream movies, videos, and TV shows in good quality. You can watch Solar Movies without any registration.

It’s free and has a very simple interface. However, it’s the most underrated movie streaming platform. Its library has the most extensive collection of the latest things. Its sleek and simple design is enough to make it one of the most popular streaming sits.


With Megashare, watch full movies, TV shows online for free. It’s another most popular free streaming, online movie site where you don’t have to download anything.

You can directly stream by going to the platform. Also, Megashare is the most convenient and straightforward and easily available streaming service. With a user-friendly interface, the platform has massive streamers and customers around the world. Moreover, it has a massive library of TV shows and movies; just hop on the platform and enjoy your favorite shows.


Conceived in July 2020, Popcornflix beta version went live in March 2011. It’s a website and Over-the-top services that offer free streaming of webisodes and feature-length movies.

Since there are no ads in this, you can stream videos and shows with ease.  The library includes various independent feature films, most of which occur from Screen Media’s library.

As of now, the service is accessible in countries like Canada, Unites States with plans to become accessible in other countries. Moreover, the site is optimized for platforms like iPhone, Android as well as desktop.


It’s a series of website that features embedded videos and links, letting users stream and download movies without paying. You can go to any category and browse for free.

Just like 123movies, the library is divided into different categories through which you can pick your preferred movie. Its simple and impressive interface will make this one of the most popular choices of viewers.


GoMovies let you watch free movies online for free. You can also watch HD movies without paying anything. Also, there’s no need for registration.

Just like other streaming sites like 123movies, the library of GoMovies is vast and contains thousands of TV shows and movies. Also, the movies keep on updating as with every new entry.


While the movie streaming services are known for its turbulence, with many sites like 123movies that are going in and out, Moviewatcher has the same interface.

The main thing about Moviewatcher is its huge library and well-versed library. Moreover, you can categorize your search on the basis of movie type, its popularity, the release of year and genre.


One of the best things about AZMovies is that there are various mirrors of each other title. Let’s say you come across a dead link; the search result will instantly give you another result of the working link. Moreover, the load time is minimum, and it has an easy-to-use, straightforward interface.

This means you can easily stream HD movies with very little buffering. While AZMovies is the best for streaming movies, you can also find links to NOXX, which is its partner site for browsing TV shows.


While Yesmovies doesn’t have any big catalog as compared to other sites, but it’s the best choice for people who are looking for new movies and TV shows. It also includes the best movies in various unique categories.

The library includes various interesting documentaries, which are often not available on other streaming platforms.

Furthermore, the web design is quite intuitive and is sorted to make it easy for users to navigate the site. You can also sort categories according to your search and IMDb ratings.

So, this completes the list of all free movie streaming sites that are like 123movies. You can save for later or watch now!

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