Yumi is your most common multiboot installer that is also the successor of MultibootISOs. Developed by ProTechnoSistemas, it’s an open-source that was specially designed to help users create multiboot USB flash drive with diagnostic utilities, multiple operating systems, and more.

YUMI is incredibly powerful and holds various multiple operating systems. It also lets you install antivirus and other performance-boosting utilities.

It lets you try to install a different and unlisted build. Moreover, if you don’t have any ISO files downloaded, this tool will search for you. This also means that if you are a power user, the tools will give you the exact build you are looking for your thumb drive.

If you are looking for a bootable pen drive, you should try YUMI for Mac at least once. The software will make your life much simple and easy.

How Does YUMI Works?

YUMI installs in just a few seconds; when setting this software for mac, choose from multiple Windows builds that are provided in it. It’s just like installing any other Linux installation like Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.

However, if you are unable to find the build, you can reinstall YUMI to install a different build that is unlisted. And if you don’t have the certified file, the tool will search them for you.

This utility can also format your drive at the time it installs and makes it clean for you. This gives you enough room for cleaning utilities, rescue discs, and other software.

The only downside of this software is that its interface is confusing and messy, making it difficult for new users to use it. However, the people who really want to use the software won’t look at its interface.

Three Things About YUMI

  • YUMI is open-source software that is specifically designed to assist the customers in creating a multiboot USB drive. The software works with the flash drive that features various working techniques, diagnostic utilities, and more.
  • YUMI for MAC Operating system help use syslinux comes from other extracted distributors that were saved on other USB systems. It was reverted to utilize grub only to boost other ISO record data from its USB.
  • If any setup portion of the Dwell Linux distro is not working, consider it a bonus!

Download YUMI For Mac Operating System

  • YUMI for Mac is supposed to be used in various ‘Live Linux’ working methods, all from USB.
  • YUMI works with various techniques like Home windows, bootable antivirus, Linux working techniques, and various different instruments like backup utilities, password finders, and more.
  • This software doesn’t need any setup; it’s simple and easy to install.

Full Specifications

  • The current version is, which will be updated to the new Zorin OS.
  • It was published by Pen Drive Linux and was released on October 06, 2019
  • It comes in the category of System Utilities.
  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • The overall file size is 1.76MB.
  • Till now, there are over 38,618 downloads.
  • It’s free to download, and there are no limitations when downloading it.

So, if you want to download YUMI for Mac OS, download from its authorized site and get it for free.

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