Imagine the crackle of a needle on vinyl, the warm nostalgia of a bygone era, and the thrill of discovering hidden treasures within the grooves of rare records. For people who love music and collect records, looking for rare vinyl is an adventure that never ends. 

This article will embark on a journey to uncover the five must-have rare vinyl records that are essential additions to any discerning collector’s collection. 

1. The Jackson 5: Greatest Hits

“The Jackson 5 – Greatest Hits” is a must-have rare vinyl for any music collector, especially fans of Motown and pop music. This album features some of the group’s biggest hits, including “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” and “I’ll Be There.” Released in 1971, it captures the infectious energy and talent of the Jackson 5 during their early years.

In addition, The Jackson 5, led by the legendary Michael Jackson, was one of the most influential and successful groups of the 1970s. Their catchy melodies, soulful harmonies, and dynamic performances helped define the Motown sound and inspired countless artists across generations.

2. Queen: Sheer Heart Attack

Released in 1974, this album marked a significant milestone in Queen’s career and showcased their innovative approach to rock music. Featuring iconic tracks like “Killer Queen,” “Now I’m Here,” and “Stone Cold Crazy,” “Sheer Heart Attack” is a masterclass in songwriting, performance, and production. 

What makes this vinyl particularly special is its rarity and historical significance. Original pressings of “Sheer Heart Attack” are highly sought after by collectors due to their scarcity and the album’s enduring popularity. 

3. Fad Gadget: Fireside Favourites

“Fad Gadget – Fireside Favourites” is a rare vinyl album that holds a special place in the hearts of post-punk and electronic music fans. Released in 1980, this album introduced the world to the unique sound and style of Fad Gadget, the stage name of British musician Frank Tovey.

“Fireside Favourites” is a groundbreaking record that blends elements of punk, new wave, and electronic music, creating a sound that was ahead of its time. Tracks like “Coitus Interruptus” and “Back to Nature” showcase Fad Gadget’s experimental approach to music, with raw energy and thought-provoking lyrics.

4. Jerry Harrison: The Red & The Black

“Jerry Harrison – The Red and The Black” is a rare vinyl album that showcases the musical talents of Jerry Harrison. Released in 1981, this solo album explores Harrison’s diverse influences and musical styles.

“The Red and The Black” features a mix of rock, funk, and experimental sounds, with Harrison’s distinctive vocals and instrumentation shining through. Tracks like “Rev It Up” and “Slink” highlight Harrison’s skill as a songwriter and performer, offering a glimpse into his creative vision outside of Talking Heads.

5. Melody Gardot: Sunset In The Blue

“Melody Gardot – Sunset in The Blue” is a rare vinyl album that showcases the soulful voice and captivating songwriting of jazz singer Melody Gardot. Released in 2020, this album represents a beautiful blend of jazz, blues, and pop influences, creating a timeless and enchanting listening experience.

“Sunset in The Blue” features Gardot’s signature velvety vocals and poignant lyrics, accompanied by lush orchestration and intimate arrangements. Plus, tracks like “Little Something” and “From Paris With Love” showcase Gardot’s ability to evoke emotion and create a sense of atmosphere through her music.

Discover Rare Vinyl To Add To Your Collection

With a diverse array of must-have records outlined in this guide, you’re poised to uncover hidden gems and coveted classics that will elevate your vinyl collection to new heights. So, take the plunge into the vibrant world of vinyl collecting and immerse yourself in the thrill of the hunt.

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