We all have our own area of expertise, and solicitors are who you turn to for legal advice or when you need to resolve a legal matter as quickly as possible. Imagine having to deal with the intricacies of the law all by yourself?

So the answer might seem rather obvious – you need a solicitor when you’re unable to resolve the legal matter at hand by yourself. This might be because the issue is too personal for you (for example, in cases related to family law) because you simply need professional advice on other serious matters such as in professional negligence cases or a variety of other reasons.

Either way, if you feel like you’re in need of legal help, you most likely are. And asking around doesn’t cost you a penny! Especially with the Internet at your fingertips.

As for how to find a solicitor, there are a variety of ways. Many people hear about quality solicitors simply by word of mouth. If you’re not comfortable with asking around and would prefer to keep things private, then you can use sites such as The Law Society (available also in Scotland and Northern Ireland) which lists a whole host of individual solicitors and legal firms that can help you with basically any legal issue you might have.

Within just a few clicks, you can search for solicitors specialising in different matters (personal and business-related). Filter by issue, city, or type in recommended solicitors’ or legal firms’ names and you’ll get a list of options to choose from.

When you have your list, focus on the ones that specialise in the area you need help in. Look for their accreditations! For example, if you need help with credit hire charges, you’ll want to search for a trusted solicitor that has experience in road traffic accident claims and the like. Or if you need assistance with visa and immigration issues, look for a solicitor that has the appropriate accreditation. You get the gist.

Once you’ve found one, or perhaps several candidates, interview them either via phone or in-person to see how long they’ve been practising, what their experience in this area has been so far, what their track record is and, as this might be weighing on your mind, what their fees are as well as if you can expect any additional fees apart from legal fees.

If any correspondence is going on via email, prompt responses are a sign of good organisation and that your case is/will be taken seriously and devoted enough attention.

A good lawyer will make time for you and take your concerns seriously – they’ll answer your questions and be completely transparent so you’ll leave their offices/put down the phone feeling that you can trust them, that your case is in the right hands, and that you’re spending your money wisely.

All we can do now is wish you the best of luck in your search!

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