Have you been accused of driving under influence? Well, you are not guilty until proven by prosecutors. There are numerous ways to beat DUI charges by questioning key evidence and recognizing obvious legal flaws. With the support of a DUI lawyer in Miami, you will win a DUI case as they have several defense tactics available for persons who have been convicted and charged with driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol.

Challenge Breathalyzer Test

When it comes to DUI cases, breath tests are the most common to measure the level of alcohol in the blood. BAC (blood alcohol concentration) can be challenged quite easily as breath analyzers cannot measure it directly.

BAC is estimated by first measuring the breath alcohol and then multiplying this value with the partition ratio, which is an inaccurate method of measurement. Ideally, the individual ratios must fall 1:1300 – 1:3000, depending on age, sex, body weight, body temperature, etc. However, breath analyzer tests assume a ratio of 1:2100. Henceforth, you can feasibly point out the inaccuracy or errors of breathalyzer tests.

Evaluate Field Sobriety Tests

Up next, you need to carefully evaluate the authenticity of your field sobriety tests. Honestly speaking, FSTs are not considered accurate on the back of numerous logical reasons.  These tests have to offer actual data of 60% to 65%. Therefore, it is sensible on your end to question the poor performance of FSTs if you experienced the following conditions during your test:

  • Bad lighting
  • Uneven surface, Vertigo, and Poor Balance
  • Low-quality footwear
  • Uncoordinated driver
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Intimidation induced by a Police officer

Hire An Experienced DUI/DWI Attorney

It is in your best interests to acquire the legal services of an experienced DUI defense attorney if you are looking to beat DUI charges in the shortest period. Trust me, in the absence of legal support, you wouldn’t stand a chance to question or challenge blood tests or other FSTs in the court of law.

DUI/DWI convictions will become a part of your criminal record. Thus, it is recommended to consult an attorney with an extensive background/experience in fighting complex DUI cases. Your lawyer will help you complete forms, file your case, and find supportive ideas/evidence to prove your innocence.

Demonstrate Police Misconduct

If you went through police misconduct at the time of the investigation, then you must use this point to knock your DUI charges in a minimum timeframe. If you get successful in demonstrating police misconduct, then you are in a position to dismiss a DUI case even when you are guilty. State and federal laws have been passed to ensure proper police procedures.

Police report errors, improper calibration by a police offer, no obvious cause for a DUI stop, invalid evidence against you, police officer intimidation, missing information, fabricated test results, and dishonest testimony by officers come under the umbrella of police misconduct. Hence, you must look for such signs along with the professional support of a lawyer to prove your innocence and get rid of DUI charges as soon as possible.

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