As you have struggled to find cleaning agents you need during the pandemic, have you wondered how you can purchase some of these items in bulk? We all have concerns about the availability of goods like hand sanitizer when the supply chain abruptly shuts down. Now that current generations have experienced shortages like those of 2020, we are likely to never take “supply” for granted again. This is a great reason to explore buying from wholesalers, such as hand sanitizer wholesale suppliers.

Who Can Purchase Hand Sanitizer From Wholesale Suppliers?

Wholesale suppliers traditionally supply only businesses, such as retail stores and institutions, using large quantities of products. For example, a drugstore selling hand sanitizer to consumers buys its product lines from wholesale suppliers. The same is true for a hospital that must fill hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the facility and keep them filled for patient, visitor and employee use.

Most wholesalers will not sell directly to the public. They usually require a wholesale certificate or other proof that you own a business and have a need for large quantities of goods. This is typically how the supply chain remains stable, keeping products flowing where they are needed most and in good time at an uninflated price.

The pandemic has forced some wholesalers to start selling to consumers, however. This is different from one supplier to the next. If you are a consumer seeking to buy hand sanitizer in bulk, you have to approach each wholesale supplier to learn about their consumer purchasing policies.

What To Look For When Buying From Hand Sanitizer Wholesale Suppliers

When buying hand sanitizer from wholesale suppliers, you should consider several important points. These are safeguards to ensure the products prove effective and you do not waste your money.

Some of these points include:

  • Ensuring the products meet government standards for hand sanitizers
  • Avoiding sanitizers that do not contain alcohol
  • Checking expiration dates
  • Not purchasing from wholesalers making unproven claims
  • Paying a reasonable market price that is not inflated during shortages

Below, we explore some of these points in greater detail.

Products That Meet Government Standards

It is very important to ensure that you only buy wholesale products that meet government quality standards for hand sanitizer. Otherwise, you face buying faulty products that do not fulfill their intended purpose. In other words, you can get scammed. At the same time, as a buyer from a wholesale supplier, you do not necessarily have the protection of consumer laws.

The best method of ensuring high-quality purchases from wholesale suppliers is to develop a relationship with your wholesaler. Get to know who they are from their website and other materials, as well as customer reviews. Examine their products and do research on those, too. By digging more deeply into who you are buying from and what they sell, you protect yourself from broken promises, dissatisfaction and financial loss. You can even protect yourself and anyone who uses the products from faulty claims that lead to disease vulnerability.

In terms of hand sanitizer, look for products containing at least 60 percent ethanol or 70 percent isopropanol. These are the alcohols that provide sanitizing effects. The products should also contain water.

Check Expiration Dates

You should always ensure the products you buy have not expired. This is particularly true for hand sanitizer. Over time, the alcohol evaporates, and these products become less effective.

Buyer Beware

Always watch out for unproven claims about hand sanitizers you seek to purchase. Otherwise, you could end up with a large number of unusable goods that do not work. False claims about sanitizer treating, preventing or curing Covid-19 are just some of the reasons why Health Canada shuts down manufacturers and sellers.

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