Your home is your castle. However, it is likely that you’ve spent more time in it than ever before. Sadly, most people don’t live in an actual castle, so finding extra space can be tricky without splashing out on a pricey extension.

In fact, when you get used to your home as it is, it’s impossible to visualize how you can make better use of its space. Don’t worry. Here are five of the simplest ways you can make your home look twice as big without breaking the bank:

1. Color Is Everything

Painting your walls a certain color can do far more than just make your room look pretty. Color has the power to change your moods and even alter your behavior. Did you know, for instance, painting prison cells pink can temporarily reduce anger in inmates? It might feel too simple to be true, but painting your rooms a lighter shade (preferably white) instantly tricks the brain into thinking the room is larger.

Just think how much money you save with a quick lick of paint…

2. Choose Your Furniture Wisely

You’d be amazed how bulky furniture eats into your space. A spring clean is in order. But where to start? Do you need to throw out everything?

Not at all. Just ask yourself a simple question. Can you be making smarter use of your space? Honestly, there’s so much you don’t need — maybe swap out that clunky shelving in favor of storage under your bed or use a sofa-bed instead of a bed and a couch.

3. Let There Be Light

If you want to make your home look twice as big, great lighting is crucial. While conventional ceiling lights are fine, you need to think more outside the box. If you are lumbered with a windowless wall that’s doing nothing but make the space smaller, then pair it with some up-lighters or hang a large mirror to give the optical illusion of more space and more light.

Reimagining your lighting saves you the cost and hassle of knocking the wall through and will transform the room.

4. Make Your Windows Work For You

Your windows and doors are your connection to the outside world and your only source of natural light. Therefore, Why not create a feature of your windows by using glass walls? You’ll let in buckets of light and make a feature of an otherwise dead space. These folding glass walls by Cover Glass reconnect you with nature without the clutter of window frames or space-killing doors.

5. The Answer Is Above Your Head

Chances are your ceilings are at least twice as tall as you are. It’s an enormous amount of dead space no one thinks to use. Therefore, why not build a mezzanine and create a beanbag-covered snug above your living room? Or create the study you always promised yourself? The sky is literally the limit.

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