Motorcycle riding is an enjoyable and liberating experience. When you are on your motorcycle, you feel like you are flying in the air. The continuous streams of cool breeze brush down your face and flatter your hair in a manner that is both mesmerizing as well as awe-worthy.

But the very same thing that makes a motorcycle ride adventurous and enjoyable is also the one that Deems it irresponsible and dangerous.

Not all motorcycle accidents in orange county happen in urban areas.  And they do not necessarily result in the rider’s death. But that does not make motorcycles less dangerous or harmless. A motorcycle driver is more prone to accidents than a car driver or a cyclist. Riding a motorcycle requires focus and control. You cannot afford to get distracted.

Many things make a motorcycle ride more dangerous than any other mode of transportation.

Some of these reasons are:

1. No Airbags

Unlike a car, a motorcycle doesn’t have an airbag installed in its seat. That means if you get into a crash, you are on your own. Even though it is mandatory to wear a helmet during motorcycle rides, that doesn’t mean that it is 100% safe. A helmet can protect you up to only a certain limit. Any accident more than that can turn into a total disaster.

2. High Speed

Most motorcyclists ride motorcycles for the sake of the thrill. And this passion of getting more and more thrill and adrenaline rush compels them to ride a motorcycle at very high speed. And over speeding is the mother of all accidents. When a person is over speeding, he has to be extra vigilant because a carelessness of one second can cost him his life.

3. High Death Rate

The extent of a motorcycle’s safety can be deduced by looking at the statistics of roadside death in orange county. You can gauge their safety from the fact that 75% of the deaths that happen on a roadside accident happen on a motorcycle. As compared to that, cars are responsible for only 13% of the total deaths. A motorcycle rider is always exposed to the environment. He could get run over by a car or a bigger entity.

4. Balance

Riding a motorcycle is a game of balance and control. However, it is not difficult to gain that balance and momentum that is needed to ride a motorcycle. A new motorcycle rider can learn to control the motorcycle on just a few rides. But that does not mean that he can master it as well. The balance or control walks on a thin line, and that line is concentration. If you lose your focus for a minute, it can be life-threatening for you.


Apart from these 4, various other reasons declare motorcycle riding to be dangerous. That’s why any sane person should avoid motorcycle racing, etc. There is nothing more precious than your life. An adrenaline rush for some seconds is not worth it. And if, despite the warning, you still decide to try riding motorcycles, then you must ride it at a slow speed so that you can protect yourself.

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