Whenever you search SEO on Google you will find millions and billions of results on the search engine. Some are giving knowledge from scratch and some are for experts, the never-ending race though. However, in e-commerce business SEO holds a special place as the owners are madly in love with it.

Here we are talking about technical SEO. This is not that easy as you are thinking. Conversely, here we can help you to understand what is technical SEO and what are its terms and what SEO experts and owners are finding difficulties when it comes to technical SEO.

Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is mainly used to improve the technical sides of your website and to increase the ranking on the search engine of each web-page of the website. SEO optimization is the key to make your website faster and make it easy for search engines to understand. SEO has two major terms such as on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Technical SEOOn-page SEO is referred as to improve the specific elements of your website which helps you to rank higher on the search engine. On the other hand,off-page SEO is used for creating exposure for the website with the help of other channels.

Is It Mandatory To Optimise Websites From Technical Perspective?

If you have an e-commerce website then it has become mandatory for you to do technical SEO. in this case Google and other search engine users won’t find difficulties to find you as a result. However, Google analyses every little thing on your website. Especially the user-experience. For example, if you have a PrestaShop store and you put everything to make your store graceful for customers. Conversely, due to the heavy load of visuals, your web-pages are taking 5 seconds to load a page then your customer will simply leave your website. This error is simply analysed by Google and it will give you the lower ranking.

By improving the technical sides of your website with technical SEO it helps search engines to understand your website and you may also get a good ranking on search engines too?

Let’s be clear, just focusing only on technical SEO to get higher ranking on a search engine would be unethical though. Your website is your major presentation. You don’t have to impress Google. You have your customers to impress. Everyone is running behind to stay on no. 1 position on Google but indirectly they are reducing their customer’s user experience.

What’s The Connection With Backlinks?

Attaching links in your content has a great value. In contrast, it also provides a great contribution to rank your website higher on the search engine. But it does not look that easy. You have to always keep up with the quality of content and great SEO.

What’s The Connection With BacklinksRegardless, if you are doing business on Shopify store or just doing guest blogging if you are creating money from links or even getting recognition from it then you should have some good resources, from which you are linking with.

Most of the time, links are attached manually, conversely, we have now tools available who can do this job on behalf of people. Sounds good right? But we suggest that manually work will be better.

What Are The Highlights Of Technical SEO?

To improve online business you have to do so many things. Marketing, SEO, analytics, maintaining user experience and so on. In the context of technical SEO, it is kind of a dramatic part for any owner and SEO expert. However, in the following words, you will see some highlights of technical SEO.

Website Needs To Be Fast

In today’s fast-paced world, every customer wants a web-store or app that needs to work fast. People want everything done faster as they lose their ability to stay calm. 40% of customers will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds.

Google reads everything from your website. If you are using an OpenCart store and if you have a low page loading problem then the possibility may arise that Google will throw you out of a higher ranking. It simply means low traffic and less user-experience. If you don’t want to lose your rank then start working on this problem immediately.

Monitoring Your Links

If you already have an existing business and it’s running well above your expectations then you have to keep with what you are doing for eternity. Moreover, one of the prime things is to maintain your links within the content.

Monitoring Your Links It has become easier with a BigCommerce store, as it’s a SaaS network and you can simply manage your links or you can get help from links managing tools to update your store time-to-time.

Never Use Duplicate Content

It’s very obvious and especially, owners of the website don’t want to take an effort to write unique content for each web page. Don’t forget that search engines are reading all the content of your website. Therefore you are confusing it while writing the same content on every page.

There are also some possibilities that you may not do it deliberately but it seems you are indirectly using the same content without even noticed. This could be acceptable but you have to realise that you are copying our content. If you have a WooCommerce store and if you used the same content then your customers/visitors might not notice but surely Google does.


In the end, this is what technical SEO and its terms are. Besides, it’s the information from the scratch, nevertheless, technical SEO has so many things which can be learned and evolve yourself and enlighten yourself with it and trying to make sure about what steps we don’t have to make.

SEO is a deep ocean the more you get inside the more you discover everything related to it.

If you are new in this field then you can start from here and you’ve already started then you can take further more steps and make your store user-friendly and maintain your rank on search engines by keeping update your SEO terms of your web-store or website?

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