A hot tub can be a great addition to any garden or outside space. It can create a focal point for any space, and it can create an all-important place for relaxation and you-time. Before rushing out and purchasing a hot tub, you need to consider what you want and why. A hot tub is a small investment, and you want to ensure that you make the right purchase for yourself and your needs.

The Size

So, how big does your hot tub need to be, and how big would you like it to be? Are you looking to fit at least 6 people in at any given time, or are you looking for a couple-sized one? The size will have an impact on your budget and on the price. So think about your usage and needs, both now and moving forwards. If you go with a smaller hot tub, will this still be big enough in a few years’ time?

Your Price & Budget

How much do you want to spend, and how much have you got to spend. You want to establish and set a budget before you go shopping to ensure you can afford what you want. Without a price in mind or without a budget to work within, you may end up spending more than you want to. When you are establishing a price and budget for your new purchase, it is always best to add a 10% contingency onto any figure that you arrive at. You are adding this to your figure because your hot tub will need installation and maintenance.

Extra Features

What features must your hot tub have – Is lighting important? When you are looking at models and even at brands, you want to consider what features you want your new hot tub to have. For example, do you want a Plug and play hot tub that allows you to indulge in your music while you are relaxing? Establishing what features are important to you and to your needs and requirements will ensure that you get the right model.

Where Your New Hot Tube Be Located

Where are you going to site your new hot tub, and how much room do you have to spare. A hot tub should not be squashed into any space. Instead, it should be comfortably placed and easy to access for maintenance. You need to know (before purchasing) just where your hot tub will be sited. If you do not know for definite, then you may end up getting one that is too small or too large for the space.

Who Are You Buying It From?

Do you have a provider or supplier in mind already? Are you choosing to buy your hot tub online, are you looking to purchase it from a local showroom? or are you looking for a custom hot tub from specialist builders like https://pinnaclepoolsandspas.com/? It is important that you trust who you are buying from. You can establish trust by contacting the provider, and by speaking to them, and also checking out reviews and recommendations from previous customers.

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