There’s a lot of joy that comes with moving into a new apartment in a big city like London. This is especially true if it’s your first apartment. Despite the excitement, there’s a lot to do to ensure your new space is livable. If Furthermore, if you want your new apartment to feel a certain type of way, this also means having a long to-do list. No doubt, things can get overwhelming if you’re not organized. However, you can make settling easier by following the below-listed tips.

1. Inspect Your New Place

Finding rooms to rent in London, for example, can be tough. So, when you find a place, you need to ensure it’s in top shape before committing. The best time to undertake inspections is before you make the final move into the apartment. Check out the place, and be sure to take photos of all the spaces. If there’s any pre-existing damage, be sure to record it. What’s more, there might be some issues that need to be dealt with immediately before moving in. This is where your photos come in, as you notify your landlord.

2. Set-Up All Utilities

Moving into an apartment before the utilities are set up can be frustrating and uncomfortable. If you can, set your utilities up some days before you move in such that everything is ready in time. If needed, get your gas, electricity, and water accounts set up and, if possible, pay for them in advance if the costs aren’t included in your rent price. You can also set up your internet and cable TV. Research into the options available and select one that matches your budget and still meets your needs.

3. Deep Clean The Space

Whether the apartment is an old or new build, you need to thoroughly clean the space before settling in. Your landlord might vacuum before your arrival, but that’s a surface level of cleaning that isn’t enough for a new tenant. Before moving in, contact a good cleaning company to deep clean and fumigate your new apartment. With a deep clean, you’re certain that you’re starting afresh in a new and clean space.

4. Unpack In Designated Rooms

The arrangement of your apartment begins the moment your boxes are delivered. Place all boxes in one designated room to make the unboxing process easier and less time-consuming. Your next step will be to unpack your items, room by room, starting from the room to be used the most to those you’ll use the least.

Some commonly used spaces are the kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms. You can start with the bedroom and bathroom, seeing as you’ll use both rooms almost immediately and leave the kitchen later if you don’t plan to cook within the first week.

5. Forward Your Mail

When moving, many people focus too much on the packing process only to forget about changing their mail addresses. A great tip to settle fully into your new apartment will be to forward your mail even before moving. If you can’t get it done before, you can still file the paperwork in the first week.

All in all, moving is always an enjoyable experience, and with these easy steps, it has become even more enjoyable.

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