When constructing an Easter basket, it may seem like a piece of cake bringing together what needs to be put into one. Everyone has a basic idea that it should include various chocolates, colourful filling with miscellaneous items and treats.

Seems quite straightforward, right? Well, not quite.

When you have to consider who exactly is receiving your Easter basket, then you might have to consider different details to either omit or add. Easter gift baskets have fairly universal items to be included, but they may not all look the same for others.

For example, you might be responsible for compiling Easter gift baskets for all your employees for a corporate event. You might want to go for a more adult-targeted form of an Easter basket so all can enjoy while also making sure to ensure quality and it all be cost-effective.

These are just a few factors to consider compared to a scenario where you might be getting an Easter basket for close friends or family, which would vastly differentiate regarding cost and certain items included.

Before you go out and construct an Easter basket, consider a few of these factors that can help you find what you’re looking for specifically in gift baskets!

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Everyone has a basic idea of what an Easter basket should look like. The first thing that comes to mind is generally a wicker basket filled with pastel coloured plastic eggs and paper decorations along with a bountiful amount of goodies.

For most, this general style for an Easter basket is sufficient. However, if you’re wanting to consider the person or people that you’re giving to, you might want to find a look that would appeal to them more.

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative in order to make things more personable. Instead of your classic wicker basket, you can opt for something different to contain everything while looking good to boot.

A simple decorated container can look refined and a lot more stylish in comparison. Our Espresso Intense Gift basket is a perfect blend of keeping within the Easter spirit, but clearly targeting an older demographic based on the look and type of items included.

For younger demographics, such as children, it’s easy to keep within the traditional Easter basket look. However, depending on their age, you can make the basket out of something they can play with.

Some of our Easter baskets come in little buckets with cute designs that appeal to all children such as our Pink Easter Gift basket and Blue Easter Gift basket!


When it comes to compiling everything into an Easter basket, it can easily rack up in price even with the most modestly priced items. Plus, when you factor in quality, this can also affect how expensive your Easter basket might end up being.

For instance, when you add something ritzy like a bottle of wine to your basket, naturally the price of your basket will increase. However, despite the price, it adds extra value and, in turn, will make whoever receives your Easter basket all the more valued such as our Easter Sparkle Gift basket.

However, if you’re not wanting to break the bank and still want to grab something nice, it is still possible! It just means discerning between the quality and quantity of items in your basket. You can definitely still have an amazing Easter basket as long as you can find the right items that you know will be universally loved.

Thankfully our popular and cost effective Petite Easter Gift basket strikes up the perfect balance between quality and quantity all in one basket!

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