As you get older, it is only logical that you will naturally be more aware of your own physical health, as well as your own emotional health and wellbeing.

As a woman, there are certain differences in what you should be looking for as there are certain differences between the genders, especially as you get older, so here, for your information, is a comprehensive guide to female health for the over 75’s.

Bone Health

Naturally, women tend to have thinner and even smaller bones comprising their skeleton than men do and as a result, when women get older special attention should be paid to your calcium intake and protecting your bones.

Physical exercise and general activity are also of optimum importance to maintain strong bones and so is paying attention to the levels of vitamin D you are consuming, as such vitamin types can also contribute to healthy bones.

Stress Levels

For adults and indeed children, of any age, stress can be a corrosive emotion that can contribute to a host of medical problems, both physical and emotional.

As a result, it is even more important as you get older to endeavor to reduce your stress levels as much as possible. If you are someone who is unfortunate enough to suffer with painful and persistent migraines, contact a renowned and reputable chemist who can help manage and prescribe migraine treatments. What is more, allergies and even hay fever can cause undue stress, too, which is why investing in some Avamys nasal spray or similar is also a good idea when wanting to manage stressful allergy symptoms.

Sleeping Patterns

Sleep is absolutely essential for everyone, regardless of age and lifestyle, but in older people, especially women, it is even more important for a healthy mind, let alone a healthy body.

A good sleeping routine will result in a greater level of concentration the next day, as well as improve your memory and sharpen your focus. Additionally, a proper sleeping pattern will also give your entire body the opportunity to physically rest, rejuvenate and recuperate.

Food & Drink

Obviously, what you consume throughout your life has a direct impact, positive or otherwise, on both your physical and mental health.

Recommended foods to be sure to add into your diet and also things to exclude, as someone who is aged seventy-five years or older, include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Keeping salt levels as low as possible
  • Being sure to consume enough fiber
  • Drinking between six and eight glasses of water every day
  • Keep protein take higher than you may have done in the past

A Healthy Heart

Essentially, if there was a priority list when it comes to female health in the over seventy-fives, then at the top would certainly be to do everything you can to protect the health of your heart.

As heart disease is barely detectable in the early stages, it is even more crucial to change what you eat and your lifestyle to be conducive to a healthier heart sooner rather than later.

Be sure to consume food that is lower in calories but higher in vitamins and minerals, stop smoking immediately if you still do, work hard to keep both your blood pressure and cholesterol levels at a healthy number and be as physically active as possible.

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