Many of us are bitten by the travel bug at some point in our lives. Once you’ve caught the urge, it can be hard to resist packing up your suitcase and setting out to the most popular destinations you’ve heard of. You might have somewhere in mind based on what your friends and family have told you about their past vacations and trips, or maybe you’ve seen appealing photographs online and are inspired. However, maybe you want to travel somewhere to find unique experiences you will remember for a lifetime. Take a look at some of these ideas.


Iceland is a European island situated in the North Atlantic. Unlike many other ideal vacation spots, Iceland isn’t known for its sunshine or warmth. Instead, what it has to offer is surprisingly dramatic. Active volcanoes, beautiful blue geothermal baths, icebergs, and stunning black sand beaches attract visitors every year. Such intense landscapes are not for the faint of heart, and neither is the frigid weather. If you arrive during the northern hemisphere’s summertime, you might get to witness the ‘midnight sun’ with light taking over all hours of the day. Since Iceland is very remote, make sure to prepare for a long flight.


This destination is more like other recommended vacation spots due to its amazing scenery and ideal weather. However, it is unique in its remoteness, culture, and surfing opportunities. The breathtaking beaches are perfect for swimming or simply relaxing, too. If you’re staying at a Waikiki beach hotel, be sure to make the most of the opportunity to witness incredible sunsets and indulge in the tropical climate.


If you’ve always wanted to visit the Amazon rainforest, Peru is an excellent choice of destination. While the Amazon is large and can be found in multiple countries such as Brazil and Ecuador, Peru is particularly beautiful and appealing. Unique wildlife and the famous Inca remains of Machu Picchu are also excellent reasons to pack your bags and buy a plane ticket to Peru.

Northern Ireland

If you are interested in unbelievable natural wonders, look no further than the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. The miraculously geometric rock formations are the source of legends and myths. Lush greenery and fantastic music culture are worth sticking around for, too. You might want to pack a raincoat, though, as this country isn’t for those seeking the sun.


The Swiss Alps are a sight to behold and are perfect for skiing vacations. Snowy mountains and picturesque villages as well as delicious chocolate and cheese, make this destination particularly unique.


Australia is so massive that the attractions are innumerable. Ayers Rock, Lake Hillier, and the Great Barrier Reef draw people from all over the world. The country is so isolated that much of its wildlife is incredibly unique and cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

If at all possible, every visitor to Istanbul wishes to spend one or two days outside of the city. The greatest options for quick excursions departing from Istanbul are those mentioned in the link If you like the sound of any of these unique vacation destinations, prepare to tell your amazing stories for years to come.

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