It doesn’t matter if you are a great driver, there is something that you may not be doing that can cause an accident. Even if you are a defensive driver and always look to avoid an accident, if your car is not being maintained then you are a danger on the roads.

Professional drivers with commercial driver’s licenses know that it is essential to make sure the vehicle is maintained. It’s part of the test, after all. Truck and bus drivers routinely do an inspection of the vehicle before they depart. Car drivers should also heed this lesson. In this article, we will go over some of the maintenance tips you should be following to be a safer driver and avoid needing a good car accident lawyer Salt Lake City.

1. Have Good Brakes

You don’t really know what the condition of your brakes is until you need to stop quickly while you are going fast. If they are worn or failing then this is going to cause an accident that could have been avoided.

To understand if your brakes are working well, you should test them out in a situation that simulates avoiding an accident. Find a clear parking lot where you can get your car up to normal driving speed and then slam the brakes. See how they respond and if you’re able to stop quickly.

If they are spongy or it takes too long to come to a complete stop then get to a mechanic and have them adjusted or replaced.

2. Timing Belt

One of the most ignored things to keep maintained is the timing belt. This is the glue that ties all the processes of the car together. At some point, every car will need to have it replaced as it can get frail and thin over time. If it breaks while you are driving on the highway, for example, then this can cause a major accident and even injuries as it can cause your engine to ignite.

You will have difficulty maintaining control of the car as it controls things like the power steering and other controls. This means that if you are going at high speed and suddenly lose control then this is very dangerous.

Make sure to take a look at your owner’s manual to see when you should be as the exact mileage limit is different for every make and model of vehicle.

3. Working Lights

A faulty directional that you aren’t aware of can cause a very serious accident when you are making a turn that other drivers aren’t aware of. The same goes for a headlight that isn’t working since oncoming traffic can’t tell what your position is. It may seem like a little thing, but if your lights aren’t working then this can cause a big accident.

The worst part is how preventable it is. Just take a few moments before your trip to make sure everything is working. If something is not, then it is usually quick to fix that you can do it yourself for just a few dollars for the bulb.

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