Over the years, Brits seem to have built a reputation for yellow teeth. However, many studies have shown better oral health in the UK than in the US. Although Americans place a greater emphasis on white teeth, Brits have better control when it comes to healthier teeth. With this in mind, it goes to show the difference between white and healthy teeth. Here’s our advice for a healthier smile in Australia!

Brush Twice Per Day

First things first, get into a good routine with brushing. According to Dentistry For Children, we should be brushing at least twice a day, and the best time for it is after meals. To reach the back teeth, go for a small head (while considering softer bristles for your gums). If you have an electric toothbrush, the vibration is an excellent guide for brushing. With a manual brush, make sure you’re getting at least two minutes.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

There are two reasons to choose fluoride toothpaste, and the first is that it reduces the risk of decay. Secondly, you want this type of toothpaste because it hardens enamel. Soon enough, you have a healthy smile and should be able to look after your teeth for longer. According to a study from the US Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) and the English Adult Dental Health Survey (ADHS), the average American between 25 and 64 has 7.31 teeth missing compared to under 7 in the UK. It’s time to strengthen the enamel and reduce tooth decay.

Reduce Your Consumption Of Sugary Foods

Next up, we all love a sugary treat every now and then, but your diet shouldn’t be reliant on sugar. Especially when you aren’t brushing correctly, bacteria found in the plaque will transform sugars into acids, and this is where the damage comes.

Protect Your Teeth When Necessary

When you play sports, don’t forget about your teeth. While some sports will call for a full helmet, others will need a simple mouthguard. Either way, don’t wait until you take a hit to the face to take action – there are plenty of horror stories online if you need motivation.

Reduce Your Intake Of Acidic Drinks

You might know about fizzy drinks, but this also includes cordials and fruit juices. The more you drink them, the more the acids will cause erosion. The problem is worsened when you allow the liquid to sit in the mouth for a while before swallowing.

Visit The Dentist

Although this might sound obvious, you would be surprised to hear the number of people who fail to regularly see the dentist. Many practices, like the top family dentist in Brighton, would probably agree with that statement.  In fact, one study from the American Dental Association showed that over 40% of Americans feel that they don’t see their dentist regularly enough. Unfortunately, teeth fall down the list of priorities because the following percentages were also found:

  • Doctor – 29%
  • Dermatologist – 23%
  • Optician – 17%

Unfortunately, the same is true of Brits, Australians, and many other nationalities. By visiting the dentist, they will fill small holes before they have a chance to turn into considerable (and expensive and painful) problems.

Only Chew Food With Teeth

Shockingly, lots of people are in the habit of using their teeth to open packaging, crack nuts, or remove the top from their bottles. If you want good oral health, keep your teeth for chewing food. Otherwise, it won’t be long before you break or chip a tooth.

With these tips, you’ll have a healthy smile in no time. Remember, we only get one set of adult teeth, so look after them. In return, they will look after you!

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