If you are currently studying for an undergraduate, or indeed postgraduate, degree in applied economics, you may well have a specific career goal in mind already, and if you are starting to seriously consider your options, it will be helpful to be fully aware of your options.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover the top industries for graduates of an applied economics degree.

Social Policy

If you are someone who is passionate about and dedicated to affecting positive and direct change to the lives of individuals and communities alike, then a fantastically diverse and fascinating industry to enter as an applied economics graduate is the specialism of social policy.

Essentially, careers surrounding social policy concern all matters associated with how well and effective institutions are at taking care of and fulfilling their duty to the individual in areas such as healthcare, security, work, and education.

It would be especially pertinent to point out that, should you be interested in the pursuit of a career in social policy, then choosing to further your graduate studies and apply for a Master of Science, such as here: https://appliedeconomics.bc.edu/ will equip you with a great deal of extra information and context.

Banking & Finance

Applied economics is also the ideal postgraduate degree to pursue when you are interested in a career in the world of banking and finance, especially if you are looking to enter the data analytics side.

The invaluable skills you will learn involving the analysis, interpretation and critical evaluation of economic research and data will be invaluable in a career that focuses on accountancy and is the most sensible way of ensuring you are well versed in both political and global economics as well.

Economic Research

A growing sector of business, especially with a focus on international company business, is that of economic research, and a postgraduate degree in applied economics will certainly advance the opportunities available to you when it comes to entering this particular area.

Economists and economic research analysts are purely involved with the conducting of research, the preparation and presentation of reports, and the formulation of specific and in-depth plans to address certain economic problems and issues. Additionally, economic research analysts and careers in economics in general also tend to involve working with improving the production and distribution of services and goods as well as all matters related to fiscal policy.

Governmental Roles

If you are someone who is passionate about and even more dedicated to helping to make and influencing the beginnings of positive change, not just for businesses but for individual members of society as well, then a career working in the governmental sector may be one for you to become invested in.

There are, obviously, many different components and specialisms which make up a local government, let alone the complexities involved with the US government and senate, but one thing is for sure, the study and improvement of the economy is certainly of supreme importance.

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