There are few vocational career pathways that offer such a rich and diverse range of specialisms than a career in education. Challenging and rewarding in equal measure, working with young minds with the successful acquisition of a job as a teacher affords you the ability to work overseas, but it will also offer you the opportunity to move into different areas of education as time goes on.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn of various ways and means to expand your career in children’s education and to make an even bigger difference to the young and growing minds of today.

Early Childhood Education

Often, after successfully obtaining an official teaching license, graduate teachers tend to move into teaching grade three and above, especially in the initial few years.

However, if you have been professionally teaching for a number of years now, or else are simply looking for a new pathway within children’s education, then why not pursue an MSEd in early childhood education?

Prestigious, reputable and established online programs from renowned and successful academic institutions, such as will prepare you with a wealth of information, research and practical application experience that will fully prepare you for teaching and helping children from birth to grade 2.

Working With Children With Disabilities

Another incredibly rewarding career pathway within children’s education is to work directly and exclusively with those children who are attending school while working with a wide variety of different abilities.

Wonderfully, and to the great benefit of both children and adults across the length and breadth of this country and beyond, there are certain career pathways that involve working directly with children with a wide range of disabilities which do not require a mandatory university degree.

However, if you have a deep-seated desire to try and improve how the ‘system’ works to help such children, then it is advisable to successfully acquire an undergraduate degree, if not a postgraduate one as well.

Professional careers that will provide you with the opportunity to help, encourage and develop children with a wide range of different disabilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Special Education Teaching
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialisms
  • Social Work
  • Applied Behavior Analysis & Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Children’s Developmental Psychology

Child Psychology

Psychology is an ever-expanding field of study, both in terms of the frequency of innovative research projects and subsequent discoveries that can be practically applied and regarding the availability and progression opportunities associated with the career itself.

One popular route for teachers who have been practicing for a number of years is to advance into children’s psychology, either in conjunction with their teaching career or as a full-time career move.

A career as a child psychologist involves a myriad of different practical and theoretical applications of knowledge and skills, including the deciphering of specific behaviors, the study of actions using accurate cognitive testing, consulting, and intervening where necessary, and the creation and implementation of both long-term and short-term individual treatment plans.

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