Teaching is one of the most intensely challenging yet simultaneously rewarding careers of them all, and frankly it is much more of a vocation than a conventional job.

It may well be the case that, after a couple of years working as a professionally qualified and certified teacher, you feel as if your skills and professional attributes will be best suited in an environment other than a conventional school.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn of some top alternative career paths for qualified teachers.

Corporate Development & Learning

A growing sector of businesses across the length and breadth of industries is that of specific trainers and leaders who work in-house to develop and educate employees.

From human resources to training new employees, there is a host of different opportunities to work in corporate development and learning. However, due to the competitive nature of the position, furthering your own education would certainly stand you in excellent stead. Alternatively, either combining your conventional teaching role with one of the various education leadership jobs, or becoming a full-time educational leader, will ensure you remain in the area of education but have brand new responsibilities and tasks to complete.

Youth Work

Generally, professional youth workers usually work with young people aged between 11 and 25 and can work in a variety of different settings, either sticking with the same one or moving between several. Such settings are usually either schools, colleges or universities, youth centers or faith-based organizations and groups.

As a youth worker, you may also work in the community engaging with young people who are currently dealing with substance abuse or another form of dependency. The skills you have already acquired and expanded on as a teacher are directly transferable youth work, as you will need to gain the trust and respect of each and every young person you work with.

Event Planning

A slightly ‘left of center’ career move for teachers who are looking for a different kind of challenge, but one that the skills and experience acquired during teacher training would be perfect for, is that of event planning.

Essentially, the role of an event planner is to coordinate and organize every single aspect of a variety of different events and functions, including business meetings, conventions, weddings and private corporate parties. When looking for a change of pace as a qualified teacher, event planning would combine your organizational and planning skills with a new sense of accomplishment and a variety of different working locations.

Private Tutoring

A more directly related career move to that of conventional teaching would be the commencement of private tuition, either in an academic establishment as a part of a separate business or else at home on a one-to-one basis.

Private tutors can earn a significant amount of money as they can decide themselves what to charge for their learned services each hour, with another fantastic advantage of choosing to become a private tutor being that you can decide the hours, days, and weeks that you work.

Museum Curator

With a national salary of over $45,000, there are several motivational factors when it comes to considering a change of career and becoming a full-time museum curator.

Not only are museums essentially centers of learning and education, there are usually openings for museum curators who specialize in certain subjects, which means not only will your teaching prowess be useful, but it may well set you apart from other applicants as well.

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