You couldn’t agree more that family vacation once a year is an excellent way to bond with each other. An exciting companion, be it your better half or a friend, can make your travel more fun and fulfilling.

However, who would deny the fact that pets are man’s most compatible companion? When your pet has stood by you through thick and thin, you are sure to feel guilty going on a vacation without your it. Wouldn’t you like to escape to a picturesque location with our four-legged friend?

You might be thinking there is a shortage of pet-friendly vacation. Well, you are in for seven surprising destinations for you and your furry friend.

The United Kingdom

Pets do not like to be restricted within the four walls.  There is nothing like the open sky above and the green grass below.  There are a plethora of outdoor locations for your pet in different parts of the United Kingdom.  Your pet will love the pleasant weather at Cornwall, trekking up North Wales and Snowdonia’s terrain, exploring the English Heritage Sites at Cumbria, and much more.

Lake Vyrnwy Hotel and Spa at Snowdonia welcomes guests with pets.  Moreover, your paw friend will not find any flaw at these outdoor locations and green spaces.  Furthermore, locations across the United Kingdom offer pleasurable pet-friendly hotels and accommodations which feel homelike. You may need to pack a few comfortable and stylish Best Dog Clothes for the unpredictable weather in the UK.


Paris will love your pet as much as you do.  Who said that Paris was only best for a romantic getaway?  The land of the Eiffel Tower happens to be one of the most pet-welcoming destinations for a vacation with your pet.  You can enjoy the most exclusive dine-in experience with your furry friend at the bistro.

It is a common practice to permit domesticated animals in the metro, cafes, banks, dining arenas, shopping marts, restaurants, and more.  For instance, Frenchie Bar a Vins in Paris does not restrict pets. That’s not all!  The city offers dog-friendly boutiques, seaside retreats, and holiday villas where your pet can let its hair down.

In the city of lights, Paris, you can relinquish all the reservations that you ever had about vacationing with your pet.  Your pet will an amazing time while vacationing in Paris.  Do not forget to pack some stylish attires as you fly to the world’s fashion capital.


The neighbouring land of France, Belgium, is another perfect getaway for your pawed-friend.  Your pooch will love the petite promenade in Belgium.  Moreover, it is a common sight of domesticated animals walking side by side with their owners at Bruges’ market, cafes, dining areas, etc. However, you would need to keep them on a leash.  You will find an abundance of hotels and accommodations that welcome pets.

Moreover, lodges, such as The Dog House hotel, offer perks, such as bed and breakfast for your pet.  You and your pet can exercise in a private courtyard provided to you.  Nothing can be more relaxing than a holiday in Belgium with your pet.  So, what are you waiting for?  Book your tickets and pack your luggage and get ready to fly off to an exotic European vacation.


You are sure to make the most of your vacation in the Netherlands.  It is casual to dine inside a restaurant with a pet.  For instance, Drover’s Dog restaurant is one of them.  Furthermore, an Australian Gourmet Cafe also offers excellent service.

You will find plenty of bistros with a green signboard hanging outside to welcome your pet.  Apart from that, outdoor terrace dining would mean merriment for pets unless the rain drenches your plan.  Nonetheless, it would be best to be prepared with extra clothing and umbrella since unsolicited clouds pour at any time.

Getting around in Netherlands public transport is very easy.  Moreover, they allow pets in almost all kinds of transport provided you buy an additional ticket.  Furthermore, you will find millions of dog-friendly hotels in Amsterdam.

Nevertheless, opting for a house-boat on the outskirts of Amsterdam could be one of the best choices you would have ever made.  Pets love the breeze in their ears.  So, hop on a bicycle with your pup in the front basket and see your pet unleash the vacation’s happiness.


The people of Switzerland are going to treat your pet well.  Above all, the breathtaking views of the majestic mountains and the expansive green spaces are sure to lure your pet.  Nonetheless, Switzerland is one wanderlust destination, where you can travel the trails with your pet on leash worry-free without restrictions.

Here, it’s a perfect opportunity to experience a gondola ride with your pet.  What’s more?  Your pet can accompany you without additional cost if you carry it in a carrier or bag.  Furthermore, travelling with pets on public transport is hassle-free.  There are no limits to pet-friendly accommodation in Switzerland.  For instance, Swissotel Le, Plaza in Basel, Switzerland.


The canine-loving Berlin is perhaps one of the most pet-oriented cities in Europe.  Furthermore, Berlin’s guest rooms and hotels will surprise you with their hospitality as they will coddle your pet to the core.  Your pet will get its exclusive cosy bed and water bowls.  All kinds of pet are allowed to travel on the city’s transport system without reservation.

Sweeping green parks allow freedom to move around with your pet alongside.  Dog parks, such as the Mitte area and strolling on riversides, are sure to make your pet ecstatic.


The appealing landscapes of vineyards in Italy are going to woo you and your pet. Furthermore, Italians’ love for pets is overwhelming. They set no restrictions for pet owners at a variety of sightseeing locations. Moreover, you can take your pet along for the ultimate Italian experience to the Villa d’Este that goes back to the Renaissance period.

Your pup can travel with you inside or outside a carrier on public transport without any hesitation. However, you may need to pay for your four-legged friend—hotels, such as Merano welcome pets with their owners in Italy. You may need to check with the restaurants at the time of reservation to allow pets. You will find more than 500 pet-friendly hotels in Italy.

Final Thoughts

It is high time that you took a break with your pet.  Your pet has always been your source of happiness. How about pampering your furry friend with a luxurious European vacation?  Be ready to get a warm welcome with your pet at these top seven vacation destinations.

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